2012 Baby Trends To Watch For

by kate on February 1, 2021

I must admit, I hated the Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy prank. Yes, it was funny but it was also mean spirited. I know, I’m probably considered a downer mom for that, but seriously…Hey, let’s steal something precious to Johnny! Let’s be completely inconsiderate of his feelings! How funny! I’m sure he won’t take away anything bad from that…

Apparently, though, not only did that whole practical joke scheme pay off for the parents, it paid off for the kids who handled it the best. They got to go meet Jimmy Kimmel. I can only guess what the ripple effect that will have.

And that’s a trend to watch for this year - YouTube Nation. Capitalizing on your kid’s possible 5 minutes of fame (you know, because we all have shorter attentions spans these days, who gets 15 minutes any more?)

On a positive note, with the American Association of Pediatrics recommending less screen time (screen as in computer, phone, iWhatever as well as television), even with increased advances in technology we might just see a bit of more thoughtful parenting with regards to allowing kids to sit in front of screens.

But don’t take my word for it - BabyCenter’s Momformation weighs in on the coming year.

Thanks Momformation for hanging with us, giving us the skinny on this coming year.

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  • Jenny L

    sounds like fun for the kids.

  • Penny W.

    I completely agree with you on the Kimmel thing! I thought it was especially mean-spirited to pull that on kids, and made parents look like the self-serving jerks they are that agreed to do it and injure their children’s feelings with a stunt that only showed kids that their parents would deceive them and break their trust for a laugh at their child’s expense.

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