A Healthier You: 5 Things To Put Into Your Regular Routine

by Nicole Hempeck on March 13, 2021

The modern woman encompasses a lot of things; the modern mother encompasses even more. It means that we are often juggling professional as well as personal pursuits. It means we are writing articles during nap time or taking conference calls during preschool hours. Sometimes, we do it because we want to, sometimes we do it because we have to - sometime it’s both.

The modern woman likes to have it all. A stable, well afforded life; a beautiful family that includes a marriage that is healthy; kids playing in the soccer field and a career that is flourishing. It means the laundry is put away and the dishes are always getting done. Or at least, that’s the vision. But all too often, there are things suffering. Things like our mental health as well as our physical health. We aren’t balancing it all as well as we should.

Here’s the thing, balance is elusive. It’s impossible. It’s ultimately about prioritizing and while your family and career should be a priority, so should your well being. So below, you will find some tips to work towards factoring a healthier you into the equation.

A Healthier You: 5 Easy Actionable Steps

1. Exercise. I know you’ve heard it before - but it’s truly a necessity, at least some of the time. And I, too, am so guilty of not being consistent on this one. But, each and every time I jump on my elliptical or pop out for a quick once around the neighborhood, I feel invigorated and even more accomplished. It actually helps me to feel as if I’m balancing my day when I fit exercise in. So try to work some type of activity in at some point during your day.

2. Stretch.  If you can’t get the exercising in, then spend a few minutes first thing in the morning and a few minutes right before bed stretching. Stretch out places that feel the most strain throughout your day. If you sit at a desk each day, your back and legs will need the attention. While you’re stretching, center your breathing and try to clear your head for those few minutes to add an additional element of relaxation.

3. Connect. I walked into our local sushi/hibachi grill place the other day to pick up some takeout and I saw no less than ten people looking at their smart phones. There couldn’t have been more than 20-30 people within that entire restaurant - and yet, at least half were centered on their phone instead of on one another. Take the time to connect with someone in your office, in your neighborhood or on the telephone. And when I say telephone, I do not mean texting folks. Really connect, voice to voice contact. It’s important.

4. Pick Up. When my home is full of clutter, it feels like chaos. So each night, right after the kids are settled into bed, I try to do a quick sweep and pick everything up. Sure, I have piles of papers and toys are haphazardly thrown in bins - but it’s organized chaos. By picking up a bit, I get to wake up to some sense of order and it helps calm the world around me.

4. Be Unproductive (at least for a bit). If you’re a busy body like me, set a time each night to turn everything off. Put away the work computers, the smart phones that buzz with to-do list emails and settle the kids into bed. After the picking up is handled, find something that is an indulgence for a while. If nonsense T.V. relaxes you, watch it. If a book takes you away to your happy place, read it. If sitting on your front porch swing with a cup of tea thinking of nothing soothes away the cares of the day - do it. It’s technically still productive in it’s own right - simply because it’s fostering your well being.

Taking care of yourself is not a selfish endeavor. It’s a necessity.

What would you recommend a busy mom do to rejuvenate from the daily grind? 


Photo credit: Jason Patel - Flickr

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm March 13, 2021 at 7:12 am

I shut down the computer every day at 3:30. It gives me time to get things done and also makes sure I get quality family time in :-)

Penny W. March 13, 2021 at 7:31 am

Hey Lisa, me too! I find that making the switch from work (I do it from home) to mom needs to be swift and decisive. So no matter what, the “Mom” hat gets put back on at 3pm and stays on until they are tucked into bed.

My only advice is to teach your kids to love reading as much as you do, so when you settle in for a quiet hour of reading, they can do the same (and not bug you).

Adventures In Babywearing March 13, 2021 at 8:12 am

Unplugging is such a helpful biggie for me, too. (Also, what I would give to have a sushi bar within walking distance!) - hobbies are good, things to get your hands and mind busy. I like to knit. It forces me to focus on that one thing. Exercise is something I’ve forced myself to do every day and am so glad for it.


Mommy With Selective Memory March 13, 2021 at 1:06 pm

These are great tips! I would add that waking up early has been such a blessing for me. At first it sounded crazy to wake at 5, but I started the routine because I really needed more time in the day. Now I wake up early, do the treadmill for a good twenty minutes, then I get my best work done of the whole day. Those peaceful two hours are a God-Send for me! They make me more relaxed when the kids wake up because I don’t start the day off feeling behind.

busy kids=happy mom March 13, 2021 at 8:27 pm

#3 of keeping on top of the clutter is something I”m really trying to get better about and involve the kids. If I’m always stressed out with what needs to be done it doesn’t allow me to relax in my own house! I love what Mommy with a Selective Memory said too!

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