A Healthy Release of Anger

by stacie on May 4, 2021

I know I’ve talked about training for a half-marathon that’s coming up this fall, but I’m not sure I’ve ever talked about why I started running in the first place.

So let me give you a little back story, because it’s important to the general idea of the post.

I started running last fall after an incident at our house. L, our youngest, was toddling around the house and accidentally stepped on the injured paw of our husky. As he lurched up in pain, she stumbled over … and what resulted was a terrible mess that left her with six stitches in her cheek.

My husband was horrified, as was I. But we saw the incident in two very different ways: I saw it as an accident and he saw it as our dog was vicious and hated his daughter, his baby.

As you can imagine, this caused some awful strife in our marriage.

I started running because I was angry and I needed a place to be alone with my thoughts. After I realized how great I felt after my run, I decided to keep doing it … even after we worked out our issues with the dog (and he was allowed to come home).

So, it begs the question, what are some other ways to diffuse your anger when you’re feeling like you’re about to blow your top.

Walk it Off: Ok. So I realize that not everyone is a runner, and that’s okay. But everyone can walk. When you’re really ready to freak out, go for a walk. A short one if it must be, but getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is better than locking yourself in a bathroom for a good cry any day.

Write it Down: Journaling is a great way … what I love about writing things down in a journal is that you can go back and read the entries later in life. I can now go back and read about all the things that drove me crazy as a teenager … and it helps me draw a bridge between my own teenager and myself.

She now knows that things really aren’t that different now. Journaling also helps you find your trigger points and gives you a deeper understanding into what situations you should avoid.

Talk About It: I’m a big believer in everyone needing a good therapist. A third party is so great because you can walk in to that office, shut the door, and totally lose your marbles if you want. And no one has to know what you say except you and your therapist.

Not only can this help you feel a sense of relief, your therapist can also help you find your trigger points, uncover memories that might have led to where you are now, and behavioral patterns that may need to change in order for you to find peace.

Finding healthy ways to release your anger will only make you a better spouse and parent.

photo credit: kharied

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  • http://www.adventuresinbabywearing.com Adventures In Babywearing

    Yoga, pilates, and writing things down help me a LOT.


  • http://busykidshappymom.org Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom

    When you’re stuck at home with sick kids everything can seem to build up. Try running the stairs in your home, yelling to no one in the garage, carry heavy loads (laundry) to get a little workout - for your sake and from the kids!

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