Hi there. Thanks for visiting.  I’m Kate.  I should start off my telling you that I’m deep in to my 3rd career here with blogging and, to be honest, it’s my favorite one yet.  I began as a photojournalist with lofty dreams of working for either Sports Illustrated or National Geographic.  High hopes, huh?  Well, I did lots of photo shoots, went to some pretty cool places, but never quite made my dreams of working for those two venerable magazines happen.  Good thing, really.  

Instead, I went into the non-profit art world (isn’t the art world in general non-profit?).  I say good thing because after a number of years toiling away hawking other people’s artwork and doing my own on the side, I met my husband.  He introduced me to all the possibilities on the Internet and now things have taken off.  Together, we sort of stumbled upon our current lives, but really, isn’t it all about making choices that put you in the right place at the right time so you can “stumble” into exactly what you were meant to do?  I think so.

So, back to Modern Home Modern Baby.  You know how the story goes - girl meets boy, love follows and then marriage.  If luck smiles on the two love birds, then those two become three then four then however many more.  That’s what happened with us.  After children I found my life completely different and I yearned for contact with the outside world.  

Only, the world as I knew it was filled with all things baby.  So I started blogging, talking about parenting issues that I found either challenging or rewarding or just plain mystifying.  With all the research I was doing, I figured, “hey, let’s put some of this food for thought out there and see what happens.”  Lo and behold, this website happened!

While I’m the main writer, we have an ever expanding network of moms who contribute.  Think of this as a mom’s group, only stuck inside a computer screen.  Here we can all share what goes right and what goes wrong with parenthood…and believe me, there is lots of that going around.  And, when I find something cool that helps to make our lives as parents easier, I like to share.

I’ve written about experimenting with floor beds, disciplining children (your own and other peoples), and sex after babies.  I also love to find cool products out there that help make a mom’s life easier.  A quick note about products and whatnot.  I will ALWAYS tell you if I’ve received anything for free.  I’m all about full disclosure, whether or not the FCC now requires it.  

Basically, my ideas run the gamut of life with kiddos…and I’m always open to ideas, so if you, too, want to share, please either comment on a post or use the contact form to reach out and say hi.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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Dad October 18, 2020 at 8:23 pm

Really professional and clear! No BS, good stuff.
Reminds me of the pictures you took in Mandeville of Caroll, Diane, and Ropsalie (shhets held up by your lackeys -( me and Walter?)

Keep up the good work!
Love, Dad

Root_mama August 17, 2021 at 8:05 pm

This is seriously the most professionally designed & written parenting blog I have seen! Love it!

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