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One of the things I most love about France is the effortless sense of elegance, even in every day items. Oh oui, oui, ma cher, how I’d love to be that effortless. And chic. Alas, I’m little ole’ American me, so it’s not to be. But. I can pretend!

There is a store in Paris - and if you are headed to that wonderful city you MUST go to this store - called Merci. It’s just amazing. I could have filled a whole separate luggage bag full of their offerings. I didn’t. But I could have.

However, if you are stateside like me and still want to pepper your home with amazing French finds, check out Cachette. While it’s not run by the same owners as Merci, Cachette has a similar sensibility. Wanna see what I’m talking about?

First off, for the kiddos:

I’m in love with these learn to draw animals. My girls are 2 and 4, so drawing for them is a, shall we say, exercise in abstraction. But they love to watch me draw and I cannot draw! So, maybe I’m thinking these would be good cheat sheets for me while my girls learn how to draw?

Decoupages sheets - great for cutting and telling random stories with. There are probably many uses for paper cut outs that I’m not thinking of - maybe you know?

If only I spoke French, because this box of thread games is unbelievable. When I was a child, I knew how to twist thread into all sorts of shapes. Now, well, I shall just say that I lost that childhood knowledge - boo.

Then for the artisan items that have that je ne c’est quoi:

Who knows what it tastes like, but the Gooseberry & Elderflower jam looks just amazing.

If you are super thrifty, and yet like a crafty, gorgeous presentation, try out these envelope sealers. I’m certain they could be used on anything, but imagine using them on already used envelopes! That is, if you snail mail enough to have used envelopes. Or lunch bags.

Cotton napkins on a roll, like paper towels. Only they are cotton. As in cloth. And, washable/reusable. And compostable. Good for the earth AND your table AND good enough for your mother to use!

The one thing that I wish they carried was this drink called syrop - it’s like a concentrate of iced tea and lemonade that you can mix with water. When we were in France, I mixed it with sparkling water EVERY DAY and became addicted to it. Now I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe I should ask Cachette if they could stock it? (Or maybe I just did - he he he)

I could go on, but maybe it’s best to just send you off to their site so you can peruse for yourself. Tell me, what do you see that you like, hmmm???

Oh, and I haven’t officially bought anything from them yet, so I can’t speak to the customer service or anything, but I AM putting together my official wish list…Mother’s day isn’t that far away.

Thanks to Daily Candy for introducing Cachette to me!

photo credits: Cachette

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