Color Crush: Let the Sun Shine In

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It’s been said that the color yellow can promote tension, but color theory aside, isn’t it just warm and inviting? Particularly with an abundance of natural light streaming in from outdoors, yellow can be magical, like liquid sunshine inside a room.

Whether it’s a bold, bright lemon or a subtle lemonade, any shade of yellow literally brightens the space it’s in and provides a sunnier outlook on things with its optimistic hue. When paired with black or grey, it even ascends to an unexpected level of sophistication.

Today, we’re inviting you to let the sun shine in a little and play around with this irrepressibly happy color.


Photo credits: More Love XOXO (first & last images in series), Deny Designs and B Design Interiors

Mad for Plaid: The Schoolhouse-Chic Home

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Plaid calls to mind many things, all interrelated. Catholic school uniforms. Scotland and Ireland. Tradition. Heritage. Timelessness.

Even for those of us who never went away to school nor came from the United Kingdom or thereabouts, a good tartan carries a certain distinction, and when used sparingly, can be charming in its own perfectly-square sort of way.

We went off on a scholastic search of some of the most fetching plaid prints we could find, and the results were more sumptuous than we imagined they’d be. Starting with Burberry, of course, we wound our way through generations of yore and came up with a host of pillows, throws and other home accents that make a space look downright scholarly.

Add a pipe and some dusty old books and you’ve got yourself a proper study. Now, class, pay attention!


Photo credits: Burberry, Picciotto, Kohler Blog and Apartment Therapy


Earning Your Stripes: The Most Classic Pattern Ever

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Those of us who love patterns but don’t want to get stuck in a dated rut can always turn to one classic that never lets us down: glorious, glorious stripes. Timeless and clean, they can be found in every color combination imaginable, and playing with line weight and placement can take them from whimsical to chic in two seconds flat.

From walls to floors to accent pillows, a few stripes definitely never hurt anyone, and most of the time, they help provide a bit of definition to a room in need of some design discipline.

In case you’re not particularly steady-handed when it comes to painting, never fear: Graham & Verve offers a gorgeous striped wallpaper pattern from 2Modern (above), while Etsy’s full of temporary wall art stickers with all the vinyl stripes you can handle.

If the application of too much stiped goodness has you fearful of a jailhouse effect — both visually and psychologically — then small doses are a great way to integrate the classic pattern into your home without going too far.

Ana Candles offers a cute set of striped candles available at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., while West Elm carries sweet dot-and-stripe bowls and Kate Spade’s paper is simply awash in pastel stripes — one of Spade’s many favorite things.



Those willing to take the plunge but needing a smidge of guidance need look no further than straight down. Striped floors are easy to create when working with a wooden foundation that already provides guidelines naturally.

Any way you decide to earn your stripes, have fun doing it, and don’t worry too much about coloring outside the lines. After all, once we’re adults, rules are kind of made to be broken, aren’t they?


Photo credits: 2ModernSchoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, West ElmDecor8 and House Beautiful

Trendspotting: Chalkboard Paint

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Even though our kids’ classrooms are all tricked out with SMARTboards, computers and technology that didn’t even exist back when we were in school, there’s just something about a chalkboard that takes us back to school instead of the local sidewalk cafe.

There’s just something sweet about a wall awash a in gritty black finish, with dusty white handwriting covering it to convey information. That’s why the author of this post in particular covered her home office wall in the stuff and wrote the first chapter of Judy Blume’s “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” from ceiling to floor — it was the book that made her want to be a writer when she grew up, so what better point of inspiration than that to cover the wall in behind the very laptop on which these words are being typed?
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Fruit Punch-Flavored Decor

Posted on May 8, 2021 by 2 Comments

Let’s face it: life can get mundane sometimes. When forced to deal on a daily basis with diapers, work, feeding a family, teacher conferences, soccer practice, homework, bill-paying and… oh yeah, maybe a shower and the brushing of teeth… it can be nice to let a little color in to cheer us up when things start feeling a bit too much like a hamster wheel.

Sometimes, delighting in the little things — favorite colors, delicious flavors, the sound of our kids’ laughter — make all the stress and hassle totally worth it. So if you’re a fan of bright, bold hues and feel like your home could use a lift, this post is for you. Read more…

Color Crush: When Going Grey Is Gorgeous

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In our youth-obsessed culture — or, at least, in the pop media that covers the celebrity portion of it — there’s not a lot of room for going grey. While the decision to cover up those telltale silver hairs or let them shine is up to each of us personally, filling a room in our home with the hue can actually create a relaxing and sophisticated space.

There’s an emerging trend in the home decor realm of pairing cool shades of grey with warm bursts of yellow in a sublime and unexpected color combination… we’re pretty sure it started with this pillow in particular, which the nation went wild over when it debuted last year at Target (this post’s author included… she has two on her living room couch), and thus, a new obsession was born.
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5 Awesome Small Space Solutions

Posted on May 7, 2021 by 2 Comments

As budgets shrink and living spaces do the same — and, more to the point, as our families grow but our houses don’t — the need for convertible furniture and small space solutions is at an all-time high.

So today, we’ve rounded up a few inspiration points to get you started if you’re in the market for some magic to maximize the space in your home. Read more…

Etsy Therapy: Removable Vinyl Wall Art

Posted on May 6, 2021 by 4 Comments

It’s a fact of life — particularly with the economy in its current state — that many of us rent our homes these days. For the apartment and rental home dwellers among us, a new trend is emerging in home decor that promises to save us a ton in security deposits later on down the line: removable vinyl wall art.

Now, while “removable vinyl” and “wall art” might at first seem to be opposing terms, a company called Blik aims to bridge the divide through its cooperative partnerships with art colleges and prominent design partners. Read more…

Oh Domino: A Home Decor Classic Returns

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Those of us who are addicted to Pinterest probably owe at least a tiny debt of gratitude (or blame) to Debbie Needleman, media maven extraordinaire and founding editor-in-chief of the now-defunct home decor magazine domino.

In response to the uber-high-end interior design magazines of the early 2000s, which included largely inaccessible (re: incredibly expensive) furniture and home accents to the sort of clientele who could ably hire interior designers to do their bidding for them, domino blessedly shed the sheen of six-figure personal incomes and provided a high/low mix of ideas and inspiration for the “middle-middle class” woman with an eye for design.

In short, it took high-end concepts and provided an avenue through which to make them real in a typical suburban home.
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4 Sweet Retro Kitchen Accents

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Ah, the 1950s. Chances are, things looked easier on the outside than they actually were, and since we only get to look back at the poodle skirt era through the magic of movies and television, we probably tend to gloss over the frustrations created by the absence of the modern conveniences we enjoy today without even thinking about how far technology has come.

One thing that’s absolutely stood the test of time — and for good reason — is mid-century modern design. While it maintains a chic and timeless air, there’s still something charming about unabashedly pastel, chromed-out retro accessories that simply scream, “I was made in 1957!” They may be aesthetically stuck in a particular decade, but luckily for their creators, their charm is everlasting.
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Color Crush: Posh, Pink & Unapologetic

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Let’s face it: pink gets a bad rap. Most of us, if we’re being honest, grew up drawn like magpies to shiny objects every time we saw something in a bubblegum hue, but we eventually outgrew it and perhaps even started to resent it.

As little girls, we’re expected to love the color pink; many of us started life in a pale pink nursery and romped around in a wardrobe awash in the pastel color. Once we got a smidge older, only a small percentage of us still readily admitted to loving it, while the rest of us shrug it off as “too expected” any time we see it.

But looking at the color more objectively, is it really so awful?

Whether used in small doses or to dramatic effect, pink can leave a lasting impression, from the wispy baby pink of the miniature nightstand above and armchair below to the bold, bright party palette afterward, it lends a festive air of femininity and, in today’s society, no longer stands for weakness or submission, but rather, a celebration of fun and festivity. Read more…

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

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Let’s be real: in appropriate (and occasionally slightly inappropriate) amounts, wine can be our friend. And since life is just a smidge easier when we use humor to take the edge off, we’ve rounded up some home accents that pay homage to the almighty grape.

Some are quirky and cute, while others are absolutely elegant — but whatever your tastes, rest assured it’s wine o’clock somewhere.

First, there’s the decorative cork letter from Cork and Company (above), a great way to display your family’s last initial, not to mention a perfect point of inspiration for a DIY project, given enough time and enough bottles of vino.
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The Coolest Bookshelves You’ve Ever Seen

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As parents, we all know reading is fundamental. Design — well, that sometimes takes a backseat to all the other things we’ve got going on in our lives, but it’s nice to infuse a little major wow factor (thank you, Mr. Gunn) into our wardrobes and our homes from time to time.

Since we’re a bunch of book nerds around here (and proud of it, by the way), we completely geeked out over each of these bookshelf designs when we first saw them, and we’re still finding ourselves clicking on them again and again, dreaming about where we’d put them if we were lucky enough to take them home.
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