Deborah Cruz

To Co-Sleep or Not, that Is the Question

May 3, 2021

Co-sleeping seems to be getting a bad rap in the news with the Milwaukee Health Department’s campaign against co-sleeping and the recent cases of babies dying while co-sleeping, but I have always been an advocate of co-sleeping. Our family has found co-sleeping to be the perfect fit for us. We didn’t come to co-sleeping as [...]

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The Problem with Breastfeeding

May 1, 2021

Breastfeeding is something that I had a difficult time doing. I tried really hard and did everything that my lactation specialist told me to do, but I just never seemed to produce enough milk to adequately feed my baby. I felt like a bad mother and like I had failed my perfect little baby in [...]

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Things to Consider when Getting Pregnant Over 40

April 25, 2021

Many women today are waiting on having children until they are well into their 30’s and some are even waiting until after they are 40. There are many advantages to waiting to start a family; parents are presumably more mature and better equipped to handle parenthood, parents are more financially secure and have had time [...]

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