Babies: A Documentary About Babies

by Kate on August 4, 2021

Have you seen the documentary “Babies“? Me either. It’s a documentary about babies in four different cultures: Japan, Namibia, Mongolia and the US. Supposedly it’s telling how similarly the babies are from each culture.

But, I hear that the only culture where the moms seem happy toiling over their children is in Namibia. The Namibian moms appear calm spending time and playing with their babies while anxiety gets the better of the other mothers. Funny, I feel like anxiety regularly crawls up my sleeve throughout the day, nesting in my shoulders. I would welcome calm over that any day. How do these mothers do it?

Again, I have yet to see this so I shouldn’t really be spouting off about it. I bet, though, that it’s an interesting take on the what is universal to babies around the world as well as offers insight into what makes each culture different.

If you’ve seen it, what did you think?

photo credit: Focus Features

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