Baby Is Stylin’ with Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks

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You’ve seen the leg warmers that look so sweet on chunky little baby thighs, but have you seen these thigh-high socks called Rock-a-Thigh Socks? They are much like the leg warmer that we’re seeing all over the place, but add a sock to that adorable trend and you have the Rock-a-Thigh Baby Sock.

What We Love About the RTB Socks:

  • Eco-friendly Creation: RTB’s are made from 100% recycled “pre-consumer” yarn (ie: never been used, created from something that never made it to a manufacturer, trimmings, scraps.etc..RTB’s are repurposed recycled materials) and eco friendly soy-based ink.
  • Designed to Stay Put!  The designers have multiple design points to keep these little socks in place - ribbed panels at ankle and arch and cuffed at the top with anti-roll down in mind.
  • Fashionable and Function. Makes diaper changing and potty training a cinch, unlike tights. Beautiful designs dress up any plain outfit. Breezy day isn’t a concern with an extra layer of RTB socks underneath.
  • Meeting Special Needs & Protection Crawlers’ knees are buffered with the socks as they navigate your carpet of hardwood. If you have a child with special needs in harnesses or braces - RTB’s are a great protection layer for their skin. They have an entire section on their website dedicated to information on this topic and testimonials from parents who’ve seen success using their socks in conjunction with harnesses and braces. Where most baby clothing items left parents limited in function, RTB’s created ease. Brilliant!!

Overall Rock-a-Thigh Baby Socks are a great consideration for baby, toddler and preschooler and through the ages. They offer a ranges of sized through age eight! Rock-a-Thigh Socks provide fashion, function and ease for the first time, and are well worth the $14 investment.

Head to their website for more information!

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  • Joquena

    These are so cute. I have a 5 month old little boy and i love how they made some gender neutral ones. I have to admit, I’m jealous of all the adorable tights that I can’t buy for my little man (daddy would SO not approve haha!)