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by kate on January 19, 2021

By now we’ve probably all heard about dry shampoo and the minutes it saves us when we are looking a little more greasy than glam, but did you know about the off-label genius of baby wipes, your hair iron or a sharpie?

Neither did I. Of course, I do know that baby wipes are amazing at many things that don’t involve baby bottoms, but I’ve never used one to de-lint myself. Apparently, it works better than my trusty duct tape rolled sticky side out around my hand. For moms on the go, who are sure to have baby wipes stuffed in a bag more so than a roll of duct tape, this idea is brilliance.

Fixing your hair and find a few wrinkles on your shirt that you didn’t see as you pulled it out of the jam packed closet? Simply re-purpose your hair iron as an iron iron. Swiftly, though. You don’t want to burn anything. Still. Amazing.

And finally, a sharpie. My absolute best friend for odd uses. Did you know that on a dark stained floor a sharpie can hide a scratch like nobody’s business. And walnut veneer dining tables, too. Once, my mother-in-law absent mindedly kicked one of the legs to our table and chipped off a very large bit of the veneer. What I couldn’t glue back on, I colored in with my trusty sharpie and VOILA! Near perfection restored. Of course, that’s for the home. A sharpie is also awesome for hiding scuffs on your heels. Awesome.

Got any quick fixes us gals and guys shouldn’t be living without?!?

Image credit: redspotted

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Villy K January 22, 2021 at 1:23 pm

I usually use a nail polish on my heels.

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