Bugaboo Donkey Mono & Duo

by Kate on September 16, 2020

Certainly NOT the jackass of strollers, the Bugaboo Donkey is a mother’s dream stroller. It’s a single stroller. No wait, it’s a double stroller. And talk about storage space!

What is all the fuss about, you ask? Bugaboo has just unveiled their new stroller, the Donkey, that can be configured as a single stroller (for your first child) then, with a click of a button and probably some fancy hand work, be converted to a double side by side stroller (for your second, or maybe even twins).

And, as if that weren’t enough, you can make the Donkey the size of a stroller and a half (no joke) so that you can attach a “side car” storage area. Now that’s thinking! Especially for those of us moms who happen to schlep mounds of stuff to and fro.

And, it’s a Bugaboo - one of the most trusted brands of baby strollers!

I don’t know, but if this one stroller would keep me from having a parking lot of strollers, it would be worth it’s weight in gold. I used to say back before I actually had kids, that I didn’t want to have more than one stroller because who needs all those wheels? Don’t children have feet? Can they not walk? Ahh, the naivete of a soon-to-be (but not yet experienced) mom.

I have no idea what the price of the Donkey is, but I’m certain it’s not cheap.

While it’s unveiled today, the Donkey won’t be available in the US for some time…Spring of 2011.

What do you think, do you want one, too? Or is it just not for you?

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