Bugalug’s Little Dude’s Cuffs and Belts

by Kate on October 12, 2020

Having little girls, I don’t often consider the lack of proper accessories for boys. In fact, I don’t even accessorize my girls because, well, they are little girls - they don’t need purses and bracelets. Hair accessories, sure - but even those don’t need to be much - just slightly more ornamental than functional.

Yes, I’m a fuddy-duddy and not very girlie, but still. You get my drift. So, when Bugalug offered to send over some Cool Cuffs and a Cinch Belt with flames (so little boys can have something fun to wear other than clothes - and even that is optional sometimes), I said sure! I thought I’d expand my horizons and I figured that my good friend had just the little boy to try these out!

If I’m not mistaken, her first words when she opened the package were, “uuhh, not my child!” Ouch.

Now, she was a very good sport and charged ahead anyway. Her first reaction was because she thought the cuffs looked cheap and, how to put this delicately…made for spoiled little boys who had too much stuff already.

Sure, the boy styles are fun and boyish - they have checkers, flames, skulls and caution tape. And I do see the need for belts. Many toddlers are way skinnier than the clothes made for them allow. My nephew, who is now 4, is very tall and lanky so he wears 4T clothes but they just about fall off his butt. So, yes, he needs a belt and I bet he’d prefer flames to canvas. Plus, the Bugalug belt is elastic so toddlers who are learning to pull their pants on and off can still do this with the belt attached. That’s pretty cool.

But as for the Bugalug Cool Cuffs, not only are they excessive (at least in my opinion), the little boy who tried them on continued to take them off and fling them about. In all fairness, these cuffs might be better suited to an older boy of say 6 or 7 but considering their size, they fit 3-4 year olds.

For a company that makes great barrettes (they call them non-slip clips) and headbands for girls, I think they missed the mark on these cuffs for boys. And I really wanted to like them! Of course, the Bugalug Cool Cuffs only cost $10, so you’re not risking much by giving them a try and seeing if they do the trick for your little fashionista.

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