Burping Baby

by Kate on December 14, 2020

No, this isn’t me making fun of my kid when she belches, though it’s incredibly endearing in a gross-out sort of way. How cute is it when this little angelic face lets out a huge “uuurrrp” and then keeps on smiling like nothing happened. I just love it. I know I’ll have to correct her one day and teach her how to be a lady, but for now it just makes me smile.

But it didn’t always. I mean, talk about stress. At the beginning, when I was learning how to feed my teeny tiny baby, I was so worried about how to burp her, when to burp her, when to stop burping her.

I remember when my sister came to visit 3 weeks after I had my first child. We were talking as I fed her and when the baby was all done with her milk, I sat her over my knee, held her head in my hand and burped her. My doctor taught me that some babies prefer to have their tummies compressed to help them burp, so sitting her up rather than laying her over my shoulder could work for us.

I admit with that floppy newborn head I was nervous, but that position seemed to produce the best results so I stuck with it. Until my sister put the fear of God in ey that I was hurting her, that is.

When I put the little one in her burping position, my sister immediately said, “careful” like I was choking her. Then as I patted, she said even louder, “careful!” as if I was beating her. As a new mom, I wanted to do everything right so I stopped and looked at my sister dumbfounded - did I just put my precious wee one in danger???

Turns out, no, I was doing everything just fine, just a little different than conventional wisdom. I read some good burping advice in Parenting Magazine and thought maybe it was a good idea to share it.

Basically, they say to relax because even an un-burped baby will be perfectly happy, if not a little fussy. Babies will either let you know you need to do something or take care of the burping themselves. You can either hold a baby over your shoulder, in your lap or over your knee and gently rub or pat. No whacking (obviously).

See, burping is easy!

photo credit: nateOne

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Julie C. December 14, 2020 at 9:40 am

Unconventional? Well I guess I was too, and didn’t even know it! That’s how I generally liked to burp my BIG babies, it seemed to work better and faster. Those little chubbykins get HEAVY when you are carting them around all day! :)

Henny Ort December 16, 2020 at 11:33 pm

I did burping this way too, but I know it’s new. My mother, when she had my little brother, would lay him flat across her knees. I was glad to learn this method. It works way faster.

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