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3 Ways to Freshen Your Home Decor

Posted on May 3, 2021 by 3 Comments

With the arrival of spring, it seems ingrained in us to refresh our homes as well. From spring cleaning to switching over closets to doing housework, we’re all abuzz with making things new again.

But sometimes we want to pretty-fye our surroundings and have to do it on a budget. So what’s the easiest way to spruce up our coziest of spaces without spending a fortune? Read on!
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4 Sweet Retro Kitchen Accents

Posted on May 2, 2021 by 2 Comments

Ah, the 1950s. Chances are, things looked easier on the outside than they actually were, and since we only get to look back at the poodle skirt era through the magic of movies and television, we probably tend to gloss over the frustrations created by the absence of the modern conveniences we enjoy today without even thinking about how far technology has come.

One thing that’s absolutely stood the test of time — and for good reason — is mid-century modern design. While it maintains a chic and timeless air, there’s still something charming about unabashedly pastel, chromed-out retro accessories that simply scream, “I was made in 1957!” They may be aesthetically stuck in a particular decade, but luckily for their creators, their charm is everlasting.
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Color Crush: Posh, Pink & Unapologetic

Posted on Apr 30, 2021 by 5 Comments

Let’s face it: pink gets a bad rap. Most of us, if we’re being honest, grew up drawn like magpies to shiny objects every time we saw something in a bubblegum hue, but we eventually outgrew it and perhaps even started to resent it.

As little girls, we’re expected to love the color pink; many of us started life in a pale pink nursery and romped around in a wardrobe awash in the pastel color. Once we got a smidge older, only a small percentage of us still readily admitted to loving it, while the rest of us shrug it off as “too expected” any time we see it.

But looking at the color more objectively, is it really so awful?

Whether used in small doses or to dramatic effect, pink can leave a lasting impression, from the wispy baby pink of the miniature nightstand above and armchair below to the bold, bright party palette afterward, it lends a festive air of femininity and, in today’s society, no longer stands for weakness or submission, but rather, a celebration of fun and festivity. Read more…

The Mommy Files: Kitchen Cleaners in a Pinch

Posted on Apr 28, 2021 by 2 Comments

Do you ever get in the frame of mind and decide that today is the day you will clean the house.

Like, really clean?

This happens to me a couple of times each year—typically in the spring and the fall. And not only do I want to clean, I want to clean out. But what happens when you get in your grungy clothes to start cleaning, only to realize that you are out of one thing you need, like glass cleaner or Comet?

Luckily, there’s Google for that. Not only can you find an array of recipes for natural household cleaners, you can typically find recipes that use things you do have laying around the house. You might even find that you like this new concoction better than the store bought kind … and you’ll save money too.
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5 Things Your Elementary Age Kids Can Do With You in the Kitchen

Posted on Apr 27, 2021 by 7 Comments

Getting your kids in the kitchen doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be an opportunity that results in a positive experience for your both. It will result in a child that not only participates and contributes to the family efforts, but it will result in opening the doors of communication as you work together to create a family meal or clean up afterwards - so consider the five suggestions below for getting your kids working with you in the kitchen. Read more…

It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 by 4 Comments

Let’s be real: in appropriate (and occasionally slightly inappropriate) amounts, wine can be our friend. And since life is just a smidge easier when we use humor to take the edge off, we’ve rounded up some home accents that pay homage to the almighty grape.

Some are quirky and cute, while others are absolutely elegant — but whatever your tastes, rest assured it’s wine o’clock somewhere.

First, there’s the decorative cork letter from Cork and Company (above), a great way to display your family’s last initial, not to mention a perfect point of inspiration for a DIY project, given enough time and enough bottles of vino.
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Site Spotlight: Earth Easy

Posted on Apr 25, 2021 by 2 Comments

With Earth Day having just passed us by and Spring in the air I’ve been on the lookout for great resources that provide information on the topic of sustainability, lessening my overall environmental “footprint” and ways to remove some of the toxic chemicals that come into our home through cleaning supplies.

Well, Eartheasy is a wonderful site, run by a family that provides all of that information and much, much more. Read more…

The Coolest Bookshelves You’ve Ever Seen

Posted on Apr 25, 2021 by 3 Comments

As parents, we all know reading is fundamental. Design — well, that sometimes takes a backseat to all the other things we’ve got going on in our lives, but it’s nice to infuse a little major wow factor (thank you, Mr. Gunn) into our wardrobes and our homes from time to time.

Since we’re a bunch of book nerds around here (and proud of it, by the way), we completely geeked out over each of these bookshelf designs when we first saw them, and we’re still finding ourselves clicking on them again and again, dreaming about where we’d put them if we were lucky enough to take them home.
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We’ve Got a Crush on Kelly Green

Posted on Apr 23, 2021 by 4 Comments

Green is a color typically associated with envy, and for good reason: we’re envious of those who’ve incorporated it into their home decor, achieving a perfectly fresh, crisp effect, with all the class and verve of a championship tennis match. There’s something particularly sporty about kelly green in particular; it’s the color of grass, of spring, of the very word “go.”

Anthropologie, for example, knew what it was doing when it curated the Marimekko-upholstered couch shown above; it bellows that the weather outside is delightful and beckons us to sit down just long enough to put on our bright white tennis shoes before springing off to take in some fresh air and sunshine.
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Etsy Therapy: Pull It Together with Cute Jewelry Organizers

Posted on Apr 22, 2021 by 4 Comments

When you think about it, we’re lucky to live the sort of lives that allow us endless amounts of jewelry, even if it’s all costume plastic earrings and cereal necklaces made with care by the kids… there’s just something great about having infinite options for adornment.

It turns into a point of stress, though, when we’re trying to leave the house but either can’t find the bracelet we want or that perfect pendant is so tangled up in a mess of necklaces, it’ll never see the light of day again.

Etsy to the rescue! Check out this quartet of cute (and inventive) jewelry organizers, just waiting for you to snap them up — or use them as DIY inspiration for yourself and the kids this weekend. Arts & crafts, anyone?
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The Mommy Files: Starting a Kid-Friendly Garden

Posted on Apr 18, 2021 by 3 Comments

Last week I talked about Earth Day activities that you could do with the kids … and I promised that this week we’d explore ways to start a garden with your kids.

And it doesn’t have to be huge, mind you. Incidentally, we’re putting in our first “real garden,” as my husband calls it, and it’s definitely a project!
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Chic and Green with Stylish and Functional Reusable Bags

Posted on Apr 18, 2021 by 3 Comments

I just entered the regular reusable bag user phase of my life. I’m sad to say that I still forget them in my trunk and, not to mention that they are so bulky that when placed in my cart, they take up loads of room. Add in my three kids and where do I have space in my trunk again?

Enter the Envirosax pouches….stylish, colorful and by having two of these, I cover the grocery load (two standard grocery bags per reusable bag) and I’m doing my part for the environment. Outstanding! Read more…

Trendspotting: Ikat Prints

Posted on Apr 17, 2021 by 2 Comments

It’s one of the most longstanding forms of textile decor, and it’s making a comeback in a big way: Ikat is soon to be all the rage in every other Etsy shop and home furnishings department across the country.

Ikat involves a resist dyeing process similar yet opposite to tie-dye; while it involves immersion in liquid dyes of varying colors, the immersion takes place before threads come together to form a fabric, rather than the other way around. The name is Indonesian by heritage, but the art itself is nearly universal — the process has long been used in cultures the world over.
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