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Mad Men Style: Pieces to Put In Your Wardrobe

Posted on Mar 23, 2021 by 3 Comments

The hit series Mad Men may be set in the 1960′s but some of the fashion has my attention. In a time where flip-flops and blue jeans rule, I find myself admiring the fashion of days gone by when women dressed for dinner and were presentable when showing up at their child’s school.

It’s not to say I’m not thankful that I have the option to wear my yoga pants, but I also would love to not feel overdressed if I were to pop on a pencil skirt to go about town. It feels a little out of place for me right now as a stay-at-home mom/professional. Read more…

Timeless Trends: Animal Print

Posted on Mar 10, 2021 by 4 Comments

At one time, I remember thinking animal print was risque. I had a step-mom who wore a dress that was made up entirely of animal print, which might have been ok…but she had drug-store dyed jet black hair (and not the good kind) plus bright red lips to go along with it…and they were more of the orange-red variety. Add in the too short and too low cut version of said animal print dress and let’s just say, it was not classy. Read more…

Converse Is Blooming this Spring

Posted on Mar 6, 2021 by 1 Comment

When did Converse become the ‘it’ shoe? It’s like kudzu in the South. Covering everything underfoot.

They’ve been around for ages, and I’ve seen Chuck’s paired with everything. I bet you have, too. One time, when I was working on a photography project in Las Vegas, I even saw them on a blushing bride. That’s her feet up above. Read more…

Party Like A Rock Star With Eventup

Posted on Feb 13, 2021 by 3 Comments

Imagine - you and your pals in the Entourage house - you know, the HBO series about Vinnie Chase and his boyz E, Turtle and Johnny Drama. Imagine yourself in their house, living it up. Hanging out. Doing what people do who actually live in a place like that.

Every time I watch Entourage, I get swept away in the over-the-topness of it. Do you? So, OK, the boys don’t really treat women well, and for the most part the characterization of the women who actually have on-going roles on the show is less than accurate, but still. It’s a TV show; who cares. I lust after that house!

I often imagine what it would be like hanging out in the house, having a blast with friends. And now I can - and you can too! Wanna join me? Let’s have a party.

Thanks to Eventup! Read more…

The New JCP

Posted on Feb 7, 2021 by No Comments

So lately I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials for the “new” JCP.

But they were kind of confusing. Like, were they not ever having a sale again? Were they becoming a bargain basement retailer? I couldn’t figure it out. And the commercials were really no help at all.

Then I opened today’s newspaper and there sat the JCP flyer looking suspiciously glossy…more like a thin catalog than a flyer. After browsing, I think I’ve deciphered the new JCP “red, white, and blue” pricing strategy. Read more…

The Wonders of a Red Wallet

Posted on Feb 3, 2021 by 7 Comments

This is going to sound crazy. I just bought a new red wallet (on a great sale at Kate Spade!) and on buying it I thought WOW THAT’S RED. But I felt compelled to buy it, not because it’s Kate Spade and not even because it was on super sale. I just had to have it. It called to me. It’s come hither lipstick red. That’s not the crazy part.

When I got home and organized all my things in it, I thought, uh oh…did I just stash all my money in something as red as fire? As in burning a hole in my pocket? As in that’s what my mom has always said about me and money? OOOOHH NOOOOO NOT GOOD!

One of my goals this year is Read more…

Isabella Oliver Maternity

Posted on Jan 27, 2021 by 2 Comments

Thank you Isabella Oliver for making maternity clothes look like real clothes! Now I wish I were pregnant just so I could wear these. You know the maternity line is good if even a non-preggers woman wants the look.

Here are my top many choices: Read more…

Spring Looks at Target

Posted on Jan 26, 2021 by 2 Comments

In the midst of this winter greyness, it’s refreshing to see bright spring dresses at Target. I was just looking at the Jason Wu line at Target - Woot!

Yes, Jason Wu, who shot to stardom after dressing the First Lady for the Inaugural Ball has a Target line. I love how a designer is now considered BIG TIME when they create a look for big box stores. Remember when it was the other way around…ala Jacqueline Smith?

Anyway, Read more…

Fashion Up: Get Your Sunglasses On

Posted on Jan 23, 2021 by 3 Comments

This just in from the fashion people: color, color, color. Have you seen the new neon? It’s everywhere. Pink. Green. Orange. Just SCREAMING AT YOU.

Peruse J Crew‘s new arrivals and, if you’re my age, you’ll start singing the Thompson Twins or Spandau Ballet what for all the 80s influence. At least color wise.

That said, since I’m terrified of color (Yes, that’s right. It scares me), I’m totally intrigued with the new look coming out. Read more…

Beauty Quick Fixes

Posted on Jan 19, 2021 by 1 Comment

By now we’ve probably all heard about dry shampoo and the minutes it saves us when we are looking a little more greasy than glam, but did you know about the off-label genius of baby wipes, your hair iron or a sharpie?

Neither did I. Of course, I do know that baby wipes are amazing at many things that don’t involve baby bottoms, but I’ve never used one to de-lint myself. Apparently, it works better than my trusty duct tape rolled sticky side out around my hand. For moms on the go, who are sure to have baby wipes stuffed in a bag more so than a roll of duct tape, this idea is brilliance.

Fixing your hair and find a few wrinkles on your shirt that you didn’t see as you pulled it out of the jam packed closet? Simply re-purpose your hair iron as an iron iron. Swiftly, though. You don’t want to burn anything. Still. Amazing.

And finally, a sharpie. My absolute best friend for odd uses. Read more…

Golden Globe Fashion Trend Alert

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 by 6 Comments

In a word: glamorous. But since ‘glamor’ and ‘mom’ usually are mutually exclusive, that’s not what I’m talking about. I know, I know, all moms can be (and should be!) considered glamorous just by being us. Right? Right?

Whatever. The real world knows differently.

But, one of the cool things we can take home after this weekend’s gawk-fest is diamond stud earrings, the color nude, and mermaid fishtail dresses.

All three of these I can totally see doing! OK, only two. My daughter can rock the mermaid look and I’ll leave her to it.

I gotta get me some diamond (diamondique, diamonelle, or some other diamond look alike is fine by me) studs! Apparently the bigger the better. Read more…

Home Gawking, J. Crew Style

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 by No Comments

Ahh, the one that got away. Gorgeous home, with a backyard. Simple, elegant, all done in neutrals with pops of color. Unfortunately, I’ve found it AFTER it’s been snapped up by some lucky buyer. Oh, and I don’t live in New York. Oh, AND, I don’t have $3.75 million. But still…it feels like the house I want to live in when I look at it: Jenna Lyon’s Brooklyn brownstone.

See, our family is house hunting right now, one of my all time favorite things to do. To tell you the truth, I could hang out in this voyerism land of going to open houses indefinitely. I just love to see the insides of other people’s homes and imagine how I would live there. I think it’s a sickness really, how excited I get on Sunday mornings. I’m not stalker-y or anything. I don’t rifle through closets or open cupboards. Much.

But check out these pics of Jenna’s house - you know Jenna, of J. Crew, style maven, dresser of the First Lady? She has a great section in their catalog called Jenna’s picks. Love her! Read more…

Scarf Tying Made Simple

Posted on Jan 11, 2021 by 3 Comments

I heart scarves. It has taken me living in San Francisco for a decade - on and off - to learn how to tie a scarf, what with all the cold foggy days here. And it’s not that I do it properly or anything. Mine is always a little pulled together, a little messy. Much like my hair. And my clothes. And my kids. Ah, hell, much like my life. ;)

So, when I saw this video on 25 ways to wear a scarf, I couldn’t stop watching. In fact, I need to go back and watch in slo-mo again just so I can remember a few of the tricks on tying a scarf.

25 ways! Who knew you could tie one long piece of fabric in so many different ways. By the way, Wendy - the model in the video - has her own fashion blog. She’s incredibly stylish and Read more…