Chic and Green with Stylish and Functional Reusable Bags

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I just entered the regular reusable bag user phase of my life. I’m sad to say that I still forget them in my trunk and, not to mention that they are so bulky that when placed in my cart, they take up loads of room. Add in my three kids and where do I have space in my trunk again?

Enter the Envirosax pouches….stylish, colorful and by having two of these, I cover the grocery load (two standard grocery bags per reusable bag) and I’m doing my part for the environment. Outstanding!



Envirosax Graphic Series Pouches - comes with 5 of their large bags in coordinating prints for $39.95.

What about when I’m out at a farmer’s market, holding the hands of my little ones trying to keep track of where they are?

Envirosax Slingsax are perfect! The best part? It rolls into a small ball and snaps together when not in use.

Not into patterns? Looking for sleek and unimposing that fits into your purse when you don’t need it? Then the RuMe reusable metallic bag is a fantastic option.

Earth Day is the 22nd of April. It’s a time when we should all think of something small we can do to contribute to a smaller “footprint” - why not make that in the form of fashion and function?

Feature Image: Envirosax

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  • busy kids=happy mom

    Brilliant! I’m sad to say, but I always leave mine in the car too! Thankfully I now have a huge mom-purse to store all of these things in! ha ha!

  • Kate

    Love those Envirosax slingsax.

  • JDaniel4′s Mom

    I love how compact these are.