Converse Is Blooming this Spring

by kate on March 6, 2021

When did Converse become the ‘it’ shoe? It’s like kudzu in the South. Covering everything underfoot.

They’ve been around for ages, and I’ve seen Chuck’s paired with everything. I bet you have, too. One time, when I was working on a photography project in Las Vegas, I even saw them on a blushing bride. That’s her feet up above.

I recently bought my own pair of light grey converse and I love them. Wear them everywhere. Even, sometimes, when I’m wearing skirts. But, like most of my wardrobe, they are a tad boring. Blah. Grey.

I wish I would have waited until now. Converse has a whole new line of spring colors. Imagine, Chuck’s in any color. Now they’ll be even more ubiquitous. Love.

Converse flip flops (see more converse shoes)

Oh, and if you want to see how well they pair with just about anything, check out Polyvore’s Converse Get Out of the Fold contest. I’m not saying you have to enter or anything, just flip through all the pics of the different outfits. Polyvore is great for that, by the way. You can see all sorts of wonderful outfits for just about any occasion. Be careful, though. Polyvore is addictive!

photo credit: Modern Home Modern Baby
photo credit: Polyvore

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