Dance Yourself Into Labor?

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Dancing into labor is all the rage these days and dancing pregnant women, more specifically, seem to be popping up all over YouTube. I stumbled upon an article over at The Stir where they shared a video of a young mother dancing to Justin Beiber’s song Baby hoping to induce labor.

It was quite the site and super sweet to see her dancing with her nearly two year old daughter as she attempted this feat, and I totally empathized with her need to just get the ball rolling already.

I remember being well overdue with my first daughter and wishing for the labor to start so I could just get. my. body. back. So I can only imagine what this girl was feeling with twins. Oh wait…I have twins…they were just extremely early, so I was on the reverse side of her situation.

But, I digress.

So, dancing into labor is all the rage (as well as posting it on YouTube) and I can completely see the point. But I thought I would provide some additional tips for helping labor along if you’re in that “overdue” window.

Activities that May Help Labor Along

  • Long walks … up and down stairs… or hilly terrain. Just not too far away because, you know, if it works you want to be able to get to the hospital.
  • Sex (your husband will thank you) - But, to get to the details of it all, it’s his “little guys” that stimulate the labor. You know the ones - the little fellas that got you in this predicament in the first place? Apparently, they can get you out of it as well! Who knew?! {Ahem}
  • Prenatal massage - Ask for them to hit pressure points if you’re in a safe delivery window (as in very near your 40 week date).
  • Relaxation - Whatever takes you to your happy place, do it. Napping, warm lingering baths, listening to Enya, meditation - if you’re stressed about getting the labor train rolling, you’re actually working against your goal. So, add an element of relaxation in the mix. Plus, you’ll be lacking in the sleep department soon, so live it up now!

What advice would you give a mother looking to induce labor? Any songs you’d recommend for a labor inducing dance-a-thon?

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  • Joquena

    My babies always seem to come late. My first was 2 weeks late. I’m never so “friendly” to my husband as when I want to go into labor :-)

  • Ruby T.

    What worked for me was scheduling the induction ahead of time … on the morning of, I went into labor on my own! LOL I guess I was just lucky.