Dealing with Food Allergies

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I can remember when our oldest started elementary school … at a nut-free school. I thought I would die.

With a kid that only ate peanut butter and jelly, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for lunches. But here’s what’s interesting … it made me so sensitive to potential food allergies that now I fret over buying the wrong kind of Halloween candy for fear that I’m going to put some poor unsuspecting kid into anaphylactic shock.

But then we found out she was allergic to gluten. And my world turned upside down again. This time, so did hers.

But believe it or not, there is a way to help your child understand food allergies without becoming allergy-obsessed (like me).

Remind your child not to trade lunches. Even if other kids are asking to trade (as they always do) it’s a good idea to remind your child that they could get very sick if they accidentally eat a food that they are allergic to.

Prepare for out-of-school parties. Elementary school children loooove to have parties. And with parties come lots of potential allergy hazards. When your child attends parties, they’ll want to eat food they probably can’t have, so circumvent the problem by bringing your own treats.

Don’t forget to be realistic. Depending on the age of your child, they’re either going to really get it, or they’re going to be totally frustrated and feel like they can’t eat anything. Highlight what they can have … and if necessary, make a list of all the foods they can eat; it will help them feel like they have a little more latitude in the world of food.

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    They haven’t gone peanut free at my son’s school so far, but he usually prefers cheese sandwiches anyhow, so it doesn’t really alter the way I pack his lunches.

  • busy kids=happy mom

    Food allergies - just when you think it won’t be “your” family …. it is! 20 years ago allergies to nuts, etc were virtually unheard of. Now they are everywhere you go. Our schools have gone to no birthday treats and nut free classrooms. I’ve found that the people who have the hardest time adjusting are the parents! I appreciate the boundaries being set because I have a child with food allergies and 1 year ago I was diagnosed with them too!


    Food allergies are rough. I went from supposedly having no allergies as a kid, to almost being not able to breathe after eating a peach (in my 20s). It’s good that schools take this potential danger seriously.