Diaper Bag Reviews: Top 10 Cool, Modern Diaper Bags

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If you’re a modern mom on the go, then your diaper bag should reflect your personality and style. I’ve combed through a number of different makers of diaper bags and come up with a list of the best diaper bags that don’t scream “diaper bag.”

The price point is between $75 and $400 – a reasonable amount to spend for style, though admittedly expensive for a bag to carry baby things. However, I justify this expense by reminding myself it is a bag for MOMMY not for the baby, no matter what goes in it. There are a ton of choices for over $500, but that gets into dangerous rationalization territory for me.

One more thing – I’ve chosen bags that masquerade as purses, as that is where the style is. There are a number of cloth bags, messenger bags and stroller bags out there and maybe one day I’ll comb through those. For now, it’s all about the diaper bag as accessory.

On to the diaper bag reviews. In general, it should be big but manageable. Also, inside pockets are a MUST unless it doesn’t bother you to constantly be rifling through your stuff to find the one thing you need RIGHT NOW! I made this mistake. I bought a very cute bag from Pottery Bark Kids that is basically a large catch-all with one tiny pocket and I’m constantly fumbling for stuff. It sucks.

Now, for the list:

1. Amy Michelle Red Patent Gladiola Diaper Bag $175
Internal AND external bottle pockets, key ring holder, phone pocket PLUS a quick release pacifier holder – man, these guys thought of everything. If I’d have known about the quick release pacifier holder from the get-go I wouldn’t have ever looked anywhere else. We’re over the pacifier now, but man oh man, what an invention.

2. The Nest $339 Whipstitch Elliot leather diaper bag is ooh so nice. Even Heidi Klum thinks so! It has a built-in diaper changing station - very cool. It also features a water resistant wipe-able lining for easy clean up. Did I mention it has metal studs? Tastefully done, of course, but talk about hip!

3. Timi and Leslie Liz Lange Marlena Leather Diaper Bag$250
As featured on the Martha Stewart show (I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing)! Regardless, this bag has all the usual compartments and what-not but as an added bonus, there is a special pouch for mom. Kinda cool. Plus, it’s just beautiful.

4. Fleurville Luxe Diaper Bag (Pink) $197
Now, in all honesty this is really a purse that can act like a diaper bag only when you need it to, thanks to the removable, insulated bottle holder. The water-proofed pebble grain leather on the outside looks classic and the seam sealed in the interior is great for spills. I chose pink because it just feels so luxuriously girly without being too frilly.

5. Oioi Black Leather Hobo $250
If it’s good enough for Cate Blanchette, who calls this bag a “godsend,” then it’s good enough for me. This bag screams fashionable but still has the essential compartments for mom and baby. Plus, it has stroller straps and zebra lining!

6. Kalencom Monique $80
For the environmentally conscious mom, the Kalencom is the way to go. It’s laminated outer layer is both beautiful and useful – think about the easy clean up. They have fun colors to choose from. Oh, and yes it has all the essentials a diaper bag should come with.

7. Storksak Emily Diaper Bag $375. You know, the one made famous by Angelina Jolie. It has all the compartments you’ll need. Among the best features is the insulated pocket and wipe clean lining! Gotta love the wipe clean lining (another thing my bag doesn’t have).

8. Timi and Leslie Parisien Baby Bag $300 (found it on Amazon for $119 - follow the link!)
Red Patent leather will spice up any outfit you have on, even if it’s a sweats kinda day. This is a tote but it does have a shoulder strap for those days when your hands are just too full. It has a key fob and stroller straps and something called a wristlet…I don’t know what that is, but it sounds cool.

9. Maelee The Chloe Diaper Bag $254
This bag opens flat and has two way zippers for quick access. A key hook, water resistant lining and pockets for 2 bottles, this bag not only has space for all things baby, but it even can fit a computer. Imagine that. Don’t know how heavy that would make it, but it is nice to know you can carry everything.

10. Noimoy by Baby Kaed $138
This bag is the perfect size – not too big, not too small. Lots of pockets, an extra drawstring bag, plus a place for keys, pacifier, bottles, wipes, yadda yadda yadda. You know the drill by now. This little number in quilted faux leather is a great choice for this fall! Oh, and as an aside, the name comes from a nickname the designer has for her mom…

Hope this list helps narrow down the choices on your diaper bag hunt. You should know that Amazon has these bags at lower than the retail price I found…just follow the links and you’ll find the savings!

Unfortunately for me, looking at all these bags has only heightened my “need” for yet another bag. One word of warning, though, and it’s a biggie…if you buy a purse diaper bag your husband WILL NOT carry it. So, on those days when you want to/have to carry the baby and you turn to your husband to hand him the diaper bag, don’t be surprised if he flat our refuses to sling that purse over his shoulder. It’s just a guy thing.

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  • Katherine Hand

    I love the Amy Michelle bags!! And if you shop around online you can find them for great deals.