Don’t Get My Kid Sick!

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I’m a firm believer that the more germs my kid picks up now, the better prepared she’ll be when she heads to germ-infested kindergarten. Yes, she’s vaccinated, and no, I don’t tell her to lick shopping carts … but if she does, I don’t freak out about it.

However, I have a friend that is crazy about the germs. And, frankly, I worry about her sanity when her kiddo starts kindergarten. Will she keep him home at the slightest sniffle? Will she go Mommy Dearest at a PTO meeting if she thinks another mother is responsible for her son’s flu?

But it raises a good question … when is your kid too sick to go to school? Or, better yet, when should you keep them home? I mean, it can be tempting to send them off to school if you’ve got a busy day at work and no daycare to fall back on.

Here’s the advice of Dr. Christine Wood, the advising pediatrician at USANA Health Sciences in San Diego.

A fever should be an automatic red flag that your child should stay home for the day. And if you keep your kiddo home from school or daycare, be sure that they’re fever-free for at least 24 hours before your send them back in. The same holds true for diarrhea or a child who is vomiting.

And what about a cold? Those sniffles that seem to linger? A cold is a cold is a cold. But a lasting, persistent cough or a cough that sounds like a “barking seal” is another reason to call your child in sick.

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  • busy kids=happy mom

    My biggest complaint as a teacher was when parents sent their kids to school still sick. They could usually make it until the Tylenol wore off and then it would all start again. Keep ‘em home - they need it!