Dr. Oz iPhone App

by Kate on August 17, 2021

YOU: Having A Baby is a new iPhone app for pregnant mums that actually shows you pictures of your developing baby. While I’m no longer pregnant and, honestly, wish to forget most things about my pregnancies, I think this app could be way cool for moms-to-be. Yes, you could probably find this information out there anywhere, but it’d be nice to have it handy on the iPhone, don’t you think? And it’s Dr. Oz. I mean, if he’s good enough for Oprah…

And, this app has a place for questions, offering personalized daily nutritional reminders for maintaining a healthy pregnancy based on your due date, images of fetal development phases, and the ability to add content such as doctors’ appointments as well as important telephone numbers. Though, wouldn’t those phone numbers be in your contacts already??? But maybe your brain wouldn’t remember that because it does “shrink” while pregnant, so this could in fact be helpful. Think of it as a digital pregnancy journal with more information that you’d probably ever want to know.

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