DRIA: Cool New Take On Nursing Cover

by Kate on September 10, 2020

One thing “they” don’t tell you is that nursing necessitates an entire new approach to clothes. Yes, you can wear your old pre-pregnancy clothes when you can fit into them, only you’ll need to be prepared to disrobe come meal time. Or if not disrobe, then strategically uncover. I was just told about this DRIA nursing cover and, I’ve got to say, it seems like a very good solution.

Now, I don’t have one so I don’t know how effective the DRIA truly is, but it looks like it could be very handy. It’s a scarf/shawl/cape type shirt. You’ve got to see the pictures to really get it, but think of a poncho made of lovely stretch silk.

Just think, you can hide while you accessorize. DRIA, by the way, stands for Discrete Reliable Infant Accessory. Sounds good, no?

Apparently Adria O’Donnell, the maker, wanted something more stylish while nursing. So, inspired by a beautiful Italian scarf, she made a cover-up for her belly and realized that it not only hid/accessorized her bump, she could use it after the baby was born, too.

In fact, it is multi-functional. It can even help shade a car seat from the sun. Adria found this out when she saw a mother of twins trying fruitlessly to cover her babies from the sun while they were in the stroller. Adria popped out of her car and gave the mom a cover. Lucky mom! And, might I add, way to be a good friend, Adria!

Check ‘em out. Might just be the new “it” thing. You can buy DRIA cover-ups via their website and they range in price from $59.95 to $89.95, depending on the style.

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