Earning Your Stripes: The Most Classic Pattern Ever

by Amy on May 10, 2021

Those of us who love patterns but don’t want to get stuck in a dated rut can always turn to one classic that never lets us down: glorious, glorious stripes. Timeless and clean, they can be found in every color combination imaginable, and playing with line weight and placement can take them from whimsical to chic in two seconds flat.

From walls to floors to accent pillows, a few stripes definitely never hurt anyone, and most of the time, they help provide a bit of definition to a room in need of some design discipline.

In case you’re not particularly steady-handed when it comes to painting, never fear: Graham & Verve offers a gorgeous striped wallpaper pattern from 2Modern (above), while Etsy’s full of temporary wall art stickers with all the vinyl stripes you can handle.

If the application of too much stiped goodness has you fearful of a jailhouse effect — both visually and psychologically — then small doses are a great way to integrate the classic pattern into your home without going too far.

Ana Candles offers a cute set of striped candles available at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., while West Elm carries sweet dot-and-stripe bowls and Kate Spade’s paper is simply awash in pastel stripes — one of Spade’s many favorite things.



Those willing to take the plunge but needing a smidge of guidance need look no further than straight down. Striped floors are easy to create when working with a wooden foundation that already provides guidelines naturally.

Any way you decide to earn your stripes, have fun doing it, and don’t worry too much about coloring outside the lines. After all, once we’re adults, rules are kind of made to be broken, aren’t they?


Photo credits: 2ModernSchoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, West ElmDecor8 and House Beautiful

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  • http://www.literalmom.com Missy | Literal Mom

    So cute! I love those bowls.

  • http://mommeetsblog.wordpress.com Rebecca

    That striped wall is amazing, as is the wooden floor - stripes really are a classic!

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