Favorite Posts of the Last Year

by Kate on January 10, 2021

At the beginning of the year, with optimism at my fingertips just tickling me to do something equally as inspiring as last year, I find my mind wandering back a bit. How do I know what to accomplish this year if I don’t look at what happened last year? Here are a few of the top picks (as chosen by readers, my editor, and yours truly).

Oh, and to start the year off with a little love from me to you - thank you so much for leaving me comments! I read each and every one and love hearing from you, from your questions and suggestions to the advice you give me. Writing fills me with much fulfillment and when I hear back, it just makes me smile.

OK, here goes:

It’s a recently published post, but I think it sums up a intriguing attitude to adopt: getting rejected in purpose. Oddly, I realize now (after I wrote it) that most artists put themselves out there to be rejected continually and have to (even if it hurts) grow a pair to deal with all that rejection. Gosh, when you think about it, how many rejections does any given artist experience in one single year? Makes my head spin. My hat is off to all of you artistic types out there who not only pour your emotions out onto paper, canvas and what-not but offer it up to judgment and criticism.

Girlfriends are the best! So, when I discovered a little something for Girls night in I did a little jig.

Who doesn’t need a little reminder about how to divorce proof your marriage?

Here is some advice for my pre-child self

A new favorite book that is sure to become a classic! It’s An Awesome Book of Thanks.

Ahh, an Easy cupcake decoration for those harried moms out there who love to look all pulled together but don’t have the time.

Another good reason to have a lot of sex: it reduces your man’s risk for heart attack.

Adorable baby faces that make me smile.

Lovely reminders that kids will be kids.

It’s kinda fun strolling down memory lane! Enjoy. And a belated happy new year!

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Penny W. January 10, 2021 at 9:28 am

I had a look at the “divorceproof” post and thought the tip about imagining your man as a child was interesting! Yes I suppose they can be adorable, but when fighting? I’m afraid I’d see him as an argumentative, tantrum-throwing brat and want to put him in the corner for a serious time-out. :)

Henny Ort January 10, 2021 at 10:50 am

Thank you for giving me all these wonderful reminders of the good times we’ve had. This site has given me lots of food for thought and fun galore. Great posts indeed. Keep em coming

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