Finding A Balance Between Work and Family

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I don’t know how other women do it, but I feel like I’m making this up as I go along. Trying to find the right balance between raising my kid, working, cleaning house, having a relationship with my husband, finding alone time and staying sane is impossible. I really think it is. Impossible.

Granted, it’s a juggling act, this I knew. But, damn. I’ve tried doing things in small amounts, like being sure to clean the kitchen after breakfast, actually starting one load of laundry before leaving for the playground or squeezing work in after my daughter’s bed time.

You know what that results in? Being burned out. Then it’s non-stop responsibility. And, invariably, I forget about the wash and a few days later I’m washing it again, soaking it this time to because it’s sat there wet for days on end. URGH.

I’ve tried doing one whole thing for a day and boy is that not fun. My brain is naturally multi-tasking and if I don’t do what pops in to my head, out the thought goes never to return. Plus, it just doesn’t work.

You know what I think we need? More time. Somehow, someone needs to invent more time to shove in to the day. Just one more hour?

Here’s to hoping.

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