Forget Winter White, It’s All About Spring White

by kate on April 19, 2021

One of my favorite new fashion icons is Wendy Nguyen. Her Lookbook is always chock full of great fashion ideas, though to be sure, I never look that dressed up in my life. That said, I do always seem to gather good inspiration from her. So, thanks for that Wendy!

I’m headed to the mom conference in Miami in a few weeks and one of the evenings we will all be attending a dinner party on the beach, white attire requested. Now, I love love love the mental image of this. I can’t wait to go. Only, I don’t have anything to wear.

I was thinking white jeans and a T, but that could be boring. And while I own a *mostly* white T-shirt, I don’t have white jeans and I’m not certain I’m a girl who should own white jeans. See, I tend to spill things. Oh, and I have 2 toddlers. So there’s that.

But, I checked Wendy’s site out and lo and behold she has a white outfit on that looks just adorable. Don’t you think? I could do the polka dot shirt (by Madewell) and jeans (by Old Navy). Not too bad.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Or, more importantly, what the heck would you wear to a white party?!? And, most importantly, are you going to Mom 2.0 and if so, come say hi! I don’t know anyone there yet.

photo credit: Wendy Nguyen

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Ruby T. April 19, 2021 at 10:02 am

Ha, I once had to go to an all-white casual event, and I don’t own much white either (kid, dog, clumsy…) so it was so surprising to me to see how so many women owned white sundresses and so many guys had white slacks or shorts!!! I was boggled. I ended up wearing a white shirt with a beige capri pant — I’m not wearing white pants for anybody!

Henny Ort April 19, 2021 at 11:10 am

I’d never make it in white. Even my baby’s spitup is not completely white. Oh, forget it. I need practical colors that hide the mess, just long enough so i can make it to the wash machine.

kate April 19, 2021 at 3:26 pm

@Henny - I hear you. I hope I stay clean enough till the sun goes down, at least ;)

kate April 19, 2021 at 3:28 pm

@Ruby. I tired some white pants on and they were OK but not great. I DID see a GREAT pair by James Perse in a store near me but they were too expensive for my blood….back to the drawing board. And by the way, don’t wear anything for anyone else, girl! Wear it because YOU like it, ya heard.

busy kids=happy mom April 19, 2021 at 6:35 pm

I always admire white on everyone else- when I wear it I swear things leap out and grab me and make me dirty! :)

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