Gearing Up for Summer with Beach-Inspired Home Decor

by Amy on April 15, 2021

Not all of us are fortunate enough to live on the shore — and that’s actually okay, since hurricanes, rusted cars and sun damage are things we don’t have to worry about nearly as much as our coastal counterparts. It makes it that much sweeter when we’re able to make it to the beach and enjoy it in small, sweet doses.

For those of us who want to bring a little bit of the sand and sea home with us, there are several easy ways to transition a home into a seaside oasis, even if it’s hundreds of miles inland.

The obvious motif to begin with is, of course, seashells. Instead of overtly displaying them in an expected manner, however, a more sophisticated approach might be to incorporate them into a piece of decor you’d have in your home anyway, such as the wreath shown above, or a mantel arrangement of clear square vases full of them.

Blue glass is another easy-chic way to incorporate the feel of the ocean into a landlocked space. While cobalt glass is easy to find, a less expected (and, therefore, more stylish) alternative is a translucent sky blue or turquoise hue.

The vases here don’t even have to hold anything; they can simply act as a display on their own or be put to good use as ice water decanters. The fact that this set in particular, shared with us by The Daily Green, is eco-friendly just completes the natural circle perfectly.

Reclaimed wood is increasing in popularity simply because of its “green” credibility; as a result, more and more coffee tables and other pieces of accent furniture are being offered with reclaimed driftwood used as a base. For a less committed introduction to the material, consider a small decorative arrangement like this one, juxtaposed with stones and sand for added visual interest:

If you’re ready for a large-scale change and don’t mind overhauling your entire color scheme, consider the classic nautical couple: blue and white. Regardless of what blue hue you select, the cool contrast has a calming effect not unlike that of the ocean itself.

Consider taking incremental steps and playing with your new sea-inspired palette in a small space, such as the bathroom, to make sure you’re completely in love with it before you thread it throughout the rest of your home.

If, after experimenting with these basic pointers, you find that a beachy abode is exactly what you want, then anchors aweigh! It’s smooth sailing from there.


Photo credits: Beach Grass Cottage, It’s So Very Cheri, The Daily Green and Future Domestic Goddess.

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    That bathroom is so cute!


    We made our first trip to the beach yesterday, and collected pebbles that were washed upon the shore. The sea pebbles are a great way to add a beach feel to a home — either in a small glass bowl on a mantel, or scattered about in a flower garden.

  • busy kids=happy mom

    I made a seashell wreath and keep it up all year! I bleached them and hot glued them to a grapevine wreath. Great memory from our trip!

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