Get The Lucky Shopping Manual and Get Help

by Kate on June 1, 2021

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you open your closet and look at all the clothes stuffed inside and see nothing. Well, OK, you see “something” but nothing that you want to wear. That’s my everyday.

I have all these clothes that used to be cute and exciting but now they are just sad sacks. Enter Lucky! The folks over at Gotham Books took pity on me (really, it was out of the goodness of their hearts to keep the general public from having to look at my sorry badonkadonk walking around in such rags) and sent me The Lucky Shopping Manual.

Wow. Talk about helpful. You wouldn’t think that a printed book (published in 2003) would still be current and usable as a resource but man would you be wrong. My skepticism did an about face as I started reading.

In a nutshell, this is why it’s invaluable: it cuts through the crap. Instead of advocating that you buy buy buy (as one might think a shopping manual would do), it shows you what you need in your wardrobe, how to wear it, and - most importantly - how to mix and match other pieces in your closet so that you have multiple outfits with only a few staples.

Like with skirts. I never wear skirts because I don’t quite know how to wear them…what footwear, stockings or no stockings, hemline shememline. It all confuses me. Yet I have a few skirts and I’d like to learn how to wear them, so this is what the manual taught me. Hemlines that flatter the leg: mid-knee. Mini skirts (yes, even I can still wear a mini) look best with tame tops (not tarty tops), stockings and flats (boots or shoes). By all means stay away from heels when you wear a mini. Check - I can do that. See, wasn’t that easy? And, it also goes through what skirts flatter what body types. For me, that’s a pencil skirt (the catch all skit that flatters most all figures).

If that wasn’t enough, the manual goes on to show you how you can wear one skirt multiple ways so that you have a work look, an evening look, a day look and even a weekend look with the same skirt. Then they spell out how many and what type of skirt a typical closet needs. That way, you’re not buying 10,000 skirts, just the few that will look great on your body and coordinate with your other clothes. Nice.

They do this for skirts, jeans, dresses, shoes…you get the idea. It’s like having a stylist come over to tell you what looks good on you, what doesn’t, what to keep in your closet and what to get rid of. And then she goes shopping with you! We could all use a little of that type of advice, right? Especially after having babies when your closet if filled with things that are out of style and out of shape. Wait, is that my closet or my body???

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