Getting Ready for Baby: 3rd Trimester

by stacie on May 9, 2021

Wow! You’re almost to the finish line! The third trimester can feel like the longest or the shortest; it really just depends on how uncomfortable you are and how much preparation you feel you still have to do.

Let’s talk about what’s left to get done.

Choose the Name: Maybe you’ve always known what you’d name the baby; maybe you’re still trying to figure out the perfect moniker. Or, maybe you’re like us and you’re going to let someone else choose your baby’s name. At any rate, you might want to have at least several names you like picked out … you don’t have to make your “for sure” decision until after the baby is born.

Install the Car Seat: Don’t be fooled into thinking that these are ultra-easy to install because they’re anything but! Car seats now come with more straps and buckles than I ever thought possible, so you need time to get them installed. When in doubt, visit a local police station or AAA site and let the experts install it for you.

Start Your Exit at Work: Some women work right up until the day they give birth; others want a week or so off before the big day. Start handing off your work to whomever will be covering your post while you’re out; you want to make sure they have plenty of time to ask questions of you before you are no longer available!

Date Your Partner: Here’s the deal … you’re not going to have a lot of time for dates when the baby first arrives. And even though you’ll have lots of offers for babysitting, it doesn’t mean you’ll want to leave that new baby with anyone else (including grandma)! When you do finally get out on a date, don’t be surprised if you spend the majority of the time talking about the baby … it’s just something you fall into. So, go on a date now while you still can!

photo credit: koadmunkee

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  • momhomeguide

    The third trimester is also a good time to start the nursery. My twins were born two months early, so the baby room wasn’t ready yet when they got home!

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