GroLight: Night Vision For Parents

by Kate on August 3, 2021

I often wonder why I go in to check on my sleeping child. Seriously. Either I can’t see a damn thing because the room is too dark or, if I need to do something (like soothe her or check to see if she’s wet herself) then I turn the light on and everyone is awake and cranky. Can’t win.

But help is finally here. I just found this GroLight from the Gro Company that turns a regular light into a nightlight/light for the kid’s room.

This is how the Grolight works: it has small LED lights on the side that can be adjusted to just the right level of brightness to see in the dark yet it also fits a regular light in the socket. It’s controlled at a regular light switch, too. Now, I don’t have one and haven’t seen it in action, so I cannot attest to its real world usefulness…yet. But what a great invention, don’t you think?

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