Hadley Stilwell’s Nursing Attire

by Kate on October 11, 2020

Since I’m in the thick of breastfeeding (9 months now), I’ve been on a quest to find good nursing attire. I’m not even asking for great - just something passable that doesn’t look like a modified muumuu. Someone passed me the name of Hadley Stilwell, so I thought I’d check them out.

Holli, the company’s founder, and I had a good chat about what is and isn’t available out there. Slim pickins, we both agreed. She obviously thought so because she started her own nursing attire line. And, the lovely lady that she is, she sent me a sample to try.

Her line has a handful of great designs to choose from. I like how her dresses aren’t the typical criss-cross style. In the Signature Dress, she hides a little zipper right at the bust (buried in a seam but with an applique as a design element). Clever.

She also has designed a Signature Jacket that affords some privacy while breastfeeding - sort of like a hooter hider, but without the pesky neck closure and bright, eye-catching colors. Who the heck wants eye-catching while breastfeeding, I ask you?

Holli also has stretch fleece that comes in a criss-cross design, and she sent one over in snow for me to try out.

The fleece fits quite well and there was ample room for my ample breasts. On my frame, I found the neckline looked better if I folded the fabric in, creating a longer, deeper V. Here are a few pics of me with the collar up and with the collar folded - don’t you think the folded one looks better? I don’t know, it just seemed to work better on me.

Plus, I wear it with a nursing tank (natch - it’s my go-to shirt) underneath though she does have silk PJs for nursing that look quite nice under it as well. It makes for a nice layered look, if not a tad boxy. For the record, I do think that folding the collar over could be a little easier - it takes a bit of fussing to get it to look natural and not messy.

The stretch fleece is super comfortable. To me, the fabric seems a bit thin but that said the fleece is super warm. I mean, a fleece you can nurse in?!? How brilliant! I could wear this all day, every day.

I was even shopping at one of my favorite stores the other day and the proprietor told me how great I looked - relaxed but pulled together. Of course she was trying to sell me something, so there’s that, but it made me feel good nonetheless. And I just had the nursing fleece on with jeans and cute shoes.

So, as the cold weather approaches, try it out. Or, if you need work clothes - check out her whole line.

Way to go Holli on designing good nursing wear! Oh, and do look at her milk notes, too, for lots of good info on breastfeeding and pumping.

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