How To Boost Your Breast Milk: The Secret of Masa

by Kate on March 12, 2021

So I’ve been writing a lot about breast milk lately because, frankly, breast feeding is about all I do these days. Man, it takes all day it seems. My housekeeper - one of the most wonderful women in my life - brought me an elixir from an old family recipe to help me increase my supply. She’s from Mexico and I don’t know if all lactating Mexican women drink this stuff but it’s fan-freaking-tastic!

It’s simple, if you can get the ingredients: 1/2 pound of aasa, a chunk of mexican chocolate and a can (or 2, depending on your sweet tooth) of condensed milk. Blend the masa (it’s basically tortilla dough made from corn flour) with water in the blender then pour that into boiling water (about half full) in a large pot. I don’t know any measurements because she didn’t tell me. Add the chocolate and condensed milk, stir, then cool.

Living in California, it’s not hard to find masa at one of the Mexican delis or groceries. But if you’re in area without a large Mexican-American population you’ll probably find it hard to locate masa. Not sure what the alternative would be in that case.

You can drink it either hot or cold but because it thickens as it cools I prefer to drink it like hot cocoa. It’s kind of like drinking a liquid chocolate tortilla. In fact, it actually IS a liquid chocolate tortilla. Think hot cocoa with a corn like taste, but in a good way.

Anyway, drink it and then break out the breast pump. My supply GREATLY increased - enough to not have to supplement with formula for roughly 3 days (till I ran out and had to find more masa). That’s HUGE in my book. HUGE.

You may also want to check out Mamatini, which I reviewed in an earlier post.

photo credit: christyscherrer

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