Keep Wine Cold with Corksicle

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Um, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

And not “cold” cool … like, really fabulous.

We like wine … and though I consider myself a red kind of girl, a glass of crisp white is delicious on a hot summer evening. But what happens after you chill it? You take it out and the bottle sweats all over the counter … or you put it back in the refrigerator and have to lay it on its side so it will fit and then it leaks. Or maybe you’re fancy enough to have an ice bucket (we are SO not that classy!) and the ice melts and gets all watery, which in turn makes the label peel and get all gummy … eew.

But the Corksicle is this fabulous product that combines an “ice cube” and a cork to keep your wine perfectly chilled … and honestly looking pretty fantastic. So, how does it work?

The Corksicle is made of BPA-free plastic that is filled with a reusable freezer gel … you didn’t think they were going to let an actual chunk of ice melt into your wine and ruin the flavor did you? Freeze the ‘sicle for two hours prior to use, uncork your bottle, pour a glass, and then recork using the Corksicle.

It’s really that simple. The Corksicle promises to keep your white wine chilled at the perfect temperature and bring your reds up to just the right temp.

Have you tried the Corksicle? What is your favorite method for keeping your wine at the right temperature? And no, buying a box-o-wine and keeping it in the refrigerator does not count.

You can find the Corksicle at Uncommon Goods.

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