Mad for Plaid: The Schoolhouse-Chic Home

by Amy on May 11, 2021

Plaid calls to mind many things, all interrelated. Catholic school uniforms. Scotland and Ireland. Tradition. Heritage. Timelessness.

Even for those of us who never went away to school nor came from the United Kingdom or thereabouts, a good tartan carries a certain distinction, and when used sparingly, can be charming in its own perfectly-square sort of way.

We went off on a scholastic search of some of the most fetching plaid prints we could find, and the results were more sumptuous than we imagined they’d be. Starting with Burberry, of course, we wound our way through generations of yore and came up with a host of pillows, throws and other home accents that make a space look downright scholarly.

Add a pipe and some dusty old books and you’ve got yourself a proper study. Now, class, pay attention!


Photo credits: Burberry, Picciotto, Kohler Blog and Apartment Therapy


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  • Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom

    Gosh - plaid has been out for so long, I tend to only think of it at Christmas. All of this stuff is super cool though!

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