Make an Earth Friendly Impact with Vintage Shopping

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With Earth Day this month (April 22nd) we should all be considering how we might lessen our overall impact or “footprint” on the earth and what better way to do that than shopping?!

Hear me out.

When you shop vintage, you aren’t adding to the earth’s waste, you are reusing and that is the important difference in shopping vintage versus heading to the shiny shopping mall and picking up something brand new.

By taking some additional time to scour your local thrift store or taking the time to plan out time in your calendar to hit up a vintage fashion expo (They actually have those! Who knew?!) then you can say to yourself…as you spend your hard earn dollars on that fantabulous (is that a word?) dress - that you are helping the planet.

And with that argument in mind, why not buy two? Tell your significant other that it’s for the greater good of all that you bought two.

Don’t think you can pull of the vintage look? I beg to differ, with Mad Men all the rage these days - the styles, they are a changing or should I say…coming around again.

Vintage inspired fashions are cropping up all over the place. Mod Cloth - a fantastic vintage inspired shop is seeing great success as a result. And there are timeless trends that never fade - so if you choose carefully, you will find pieces that you can wear for years to come just by reworking them. You simply have to be willing to be patient with your search.

Below I have gathered a few vintage shopping resources for you, you know, because it’s good for the Earth and stuff.

We all need to do our part.

Vintage Regional Shopping Expos 

The Vintage Fashion Expo  - Santa Monica and San Francisco

Modern Vintage Chicago Spring & Fall - Chicago, Randolph Street Market

The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show  - Various times throughout the year

Vintage Fashion and Textile Show  - This is one of the largest shows anywhere. It’s located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and kicks off Brimfield Week - a largely popular series of weeks in the summer for antique selling in this area.

Vintage and Repurposed Goods Shopping Online:

Etsy Shops! Etsy is your virtual flea market/craft/handmade market - it’s a fantastic place to find all things vintage and hand made.

Let the shop owners scour the shelves and shops for you! You’ll have to pay a premium for some of the items, but you do get to do it from the comfort of your own home. The shop featured in the picture above, JessJamesJake  - she has some great vintage items - clothes of varying sizes, jewelry, bags and shoes!

ReMade USA by Shannon South takes old leather jackets and materials and repurposes them to make bags. Each piece made is unique and one of a kind, which makes this a fabulous earth-friendly find online.

Mod Cloth - While most of their items are now “Vintage inspired” they do have a section dedicated to authentic vintage items - so check that out.

Are you a vintage clothing and jewelry shopper? 


Image: JessJamesJake 


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    Sounds like fun - but I think vintage prices keep going up! They’re “on to” my thrifty ways!