Making Baby’s Room Safe

by Kate on August 4, 2021

It’s so much fun to design a baby’s room, isn’t it? A bit overwhelming, but what fun to add in all the things your baby will see for the first part of her life. While you’re letting your mind wander over baseball, baskets and ballerinas, let me give you a few tips for safety. I got these from the San Francisco Chronicle who did a story on the nursery in a recent Decorator Showcase.

First: make safety a priority by making the baby’s sleep environment clear of hazards (like choking and suffocation) as well as toxic items (like paint finishes and varnish). We all know how teething babies will put their mouths on anything and chew.

When looking for furniture, opt for sustainable furniture that can grow with your little one. Or grow with your house. Instead of a changing table, try a credenza with a changing pad on top. That way, you’ll help the environment AND have a piece of furniture for when the baby is out of diapers. Oh, and as for floors, wool carpets are good but do you know how easy it is to clean wood floors???

Storage is always an issue with babies. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff babies come with? You can replace hanging bars with shelves and bins so you can keep all those tiny baby clothes straight. Also, try out window seats with storage below - just an idea.

Have room to craw, walk and play as well as a sleeping area. Crawlers and walkers will get into everything and pull up on everything, so look around for anything that can fall over onto baby…especially in earthquake country!

Always, always always keep little hands from cords associated with window coverings. Cut the cords, buy little gadgets to keep them out of reach, put up shutters - anything to keep those cords away from baby’s neck. You’d be shocked at how many kids get strangled by cords!

Truth be told there are all sorts of hazards to look out for - too many to list here. I’ll give you the best advice our “childproofer” (yes, we sought professional help on this one) gave us: get down on all fours and look around the room. From your baby’s vantage point, you’ll see all sorts of things you won’t when standing up.

photo credit: thebline

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