March Madness: Kitchen Style

by Kate on March 13, 2021

Guess what! Now ladies can participate in March madness - but in a less sweating and yelling sort of way and a more baking and cooking way. Typically, I don’t do profiles on stores because not everyone lives near me. Though San Francisco IS a lovely place to live, let me tell you…if you have a trust fund, work for soon-to-go-public Facebook, or inherited your rent controlled apartment from your Granny who paid only $75 a month rent back in the gold rush. But still. I’m moved to tell you about March.

March is a home goods store on Sacramento Street in San Francisco. Well, it’s more like a hearth and home store on account of its warmth (in look and feel) and kitchen centered designs. Seriously, when I walked into the store for the first time, I wanted to move in.

It could have been the throwback stove that was literally heating the place.

Or the spices lined up in the blue bowls, just waiting their turn to jump into a casserole.

The owner, Sam Hamilton, who is in fact a living breathing person, might as well be my fantasy designer self. No wonder, because her mentors are Ralph Lauren and Alice Waters of Chez Panisse. Imagine! So think if Ralph Lauren outfitted a kitchen where everything was not only beautiful to look at but impeccably designed for function and taste.


March just makes you want to create fabulous dinner parties. Or simply sip tea in your beautiful kitchen.

Here, look for yourself.

A nice cup of tea and some Cassoulet?

Hmmm. Which spices will I use?

Lemme give that a quick stir.

Seriously, I want one of everything. Do you have a store that does this to you - makes you want to live in it?

photo credit: March (though I did take the one of the spice bowls with my iPhone)

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    I love their stuff - excellent!

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