Maternity Clothes Dos and Don’ts

by Kate on November 16, 2020

Ok, I think I have a problem. I’m 2 months away from my due date and I want to buy new clothes RIGHT NOW. I just want to go shopping – is that so horrible? While I was “browsing” online, I found a great list of maternity no nos by Isabella Oliver, maternity fashion maven. Apparently, I should have read this list before…

Here’s a quick taste:

1. Don’t delay – buy maternity. Well, seeing as I’m 2 months away from having this baby, I screwed the pooch on this one. I’ll say, too, that it’s been very difficult to continue to find things that fit – buying clothes designed for my blossoming belly probably would have been smart. Then again, she’s a retailer, she has to say this!

2. Avoid trimester buying. Whoops again. But how was I to know just how wide my hips would get?!?

3. Don’t lose your sense of style. How? Think key pieces and accessories.

4. Bigger is not better. At least I’ve got this down…not once (well, maybe once) have I “borrowed” my husbands clothes.

5. Delight in the details. This, I get. Find things that highlight the good.

6. Fabric. Yes, gotta get the right fabric. Breathability and washability are KEY! I’ve already got that down, seeing as my temperature fluctuates wildly and I spill constantly on my newly acquired “upper shelf.”

7. Be clever with color. Is black considered a color?

8. Interpret the trends. Right, right…again, easier said than done with a ballooning belly, boobs and hips.

I would also add, from my personal experience, these two gems that another pregnant woman once told me…

9. Wash your hair more than you think you need to. Nothing feels better than nicely done hair that is clean. The longer the “alien” invades your body, the more you’ll have to turn elsewhere for beauty you can bank on.

10. Wear make-up. Even if it’s just to the playground. You’ll eventually catch your reflection in a mirror or window and it’s nice to be pleasantly surprised at how good you look!

For their much more professional explanations, please read Isabella Oliver’s full list. It is actually good advice, no matter that it comes from a fashion professional tasked with selling clothes. And do check out Isabella Oliver’s gorgeous maternity wear!

photo credit: misocrazy

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