Mommy Makeover With Help from Tim Gunn, Style Maven

by Kate on September 16, 2020

The last thing I wanted when I dreamed of having kids was to turn in to a shlub. It’s not that I don’t appreciate good style or even covet it, I just lost the time and mental capacity to do anything about updating (read: having) my own style that is anything other than little Mrs. Frump. It’s pathetic.

But, I’m nothing if not determined to turn myself around and at least look presentable when I leave the house, even if I do still forget to brush my teeth on occasion. Who should I turn to but the venerable Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame (not to mention his own show, where I stole this information!) to help me on my quest?

Tim Gunn has the best thing a stressed out Mommy on the go could want – a top 10 list of essential basics for your wardrobe. Now, for me, some of these things might have to wait until after this new baby comes along, but I thought I’d share the list in it’s entirety just in case you might not know it.

1. Basic Black Dress – Ahh, the ubiquitous “Little Black Dress.” It is true, a black dress that fits you just right, talk about smoking! And, remember the hemline is EXTREMELY important – not to short, not too long.

2. Trench Coat – Any length trench coat will work these days, I’m told. There are even some really cute little numbers that fall only to your hips.

3. Dress Pants – Again, fit is what you want. And, neutral is best – they are, after all, part of your “basic” wardrobe.

4. White Shirt - The white shirt is a definite, but be sure to find one that flatters your body style. If in doubt, check out either InStyle Magazine or some other source for guidelines on what will look good on your frame (i.e. broad shoulders or big busted or flat chested or whatever you happen to be.)

5. Jeans – Fit, fit, fit. You’ll have to try on a lot to find the right pair. Always consider this: what does your bum look like in the jeans? You know people will be looking, so be sure to check yourself out from behind before you buy.

6. Any Occasion Top – Be fun with this, but be sure it can be worn with or without a jacket. Remember, it’s a basic.

7. Skirt – In this day and age pants seem to reign supreme, so find a skirt that flatters your body and wear it with pride. You’ll feel great and sexy, even if you choose a modest skirt style. Oh, and do try on a pencil skirt – you’d be surprised how flattering they really are, both for curves and for straight bodies.

8. Day Dress – Have fun with this one, but remember it’s for daytime so it has to be comfortable. And you’d be surprised, sometimes dresses are even more comfortable than jeans.

9. Jacket – Don’t’ think business suit jacket. A jacket can be anything. But when trying on and buying do find one that flatters your shape and accentuates your curves. And always lock and load the girls – you won’t want them busting out.

10. Sweatsuit Alternative – Yes sweatpants are comfy, but you can find something else that does the job with more style. Be imaginative with this one. Comfort isn’t a four letter word in the world of style, you just have to do it without looking schlumpy.

Bonus: One Indulgent Trendy Item!

Now, as a pregnant woman I can’t go out and buy all new stuff for a body that will just change yet again, so I’m altering this as much as I can and substituting what I’ve got with things I can borrow.

Next on my list of things to update: ACCESSORIES!

photo credit le vent le cri

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  • Bonnie

    These are all great tips. The only thing that Tim Gunn doesn’t say is how are we supposed to find the time to go out there and buy all this stuff? :-)

  • Laurie

    So what are the alternatives to sweatpants?? I admit, I wear them all the time, but what’s the point of putting on nice stuff when your kids gets everything dirty in a matter of minutes?

  • Sally

    Love these tips - I hadn’t seen them before! Makes me think about all the things in my closet that I should probably throw away, but in a good way!

  • admin

    I know - seems like sweats are the only thing that goes sometimes. But, I’ve been searching around and have come up with a few alternatives myself. Cords or khaki’s work. They can substitute for sweats and they are as rugged as jeans. Also a jersey skirt works, too. You know the kind with the roll top, like yoga pants? Talk about comfy and since it’s a skirt, it doesn’t look so frumpy. Also, for those warmer days (still ahead of us, maybe?) try a good pair of walking shorts - the kind that comes down to the knee. Just some ideas. Oh, and definitely buy fabrics that can be washed - no dry cleaning! You won’t wear it with the kids.

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