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by kate on February 13, 2021

Imagine - you and your pals in the Entourage house - you know, the HBO series about Vinnie Chase and his boyz E, Turtle and Johnny Drama. Imagine yourself in their house, living it up. Hanging out. Doing what people do who actually live in a place like that.

Every time I watch Entourage, I get swept away in the over-the-topness of it. Do you? So, OK, the boys don’t really treat women well, and for the most part the characterization of the women who actually have on-going roles on the show is less than accurate, but still. It’s a TV show; who cares. I lust after that house!

I often imagine what it would be like hanging out in the house, having a blast with friends. And now I can - and you can too! Wanna join me? Let’s have a party.

Thanks to Eventup!

Yes, the old adage is true: it’s not what you know but who you know. And now you know people in the know. You have people.

Eventup calls themselves a community marketplace, but really that’s just fancy talk for ‘party at my house!’ They have awesome venues that you can rent (for a fee of course, but somethings are priceless, right?) for your next party, wedding, chill-out get together or 3 year old birthday party (well, maybe not that unless you live next door to ‘The Jones’s’ (read: Kardashian’s) and find yourself needing to keep up). No even planner needed. Just you and your fab ideas partnered with Eventup.

Picture this: you and your BFFs in the Entourage house, or the Big Brother mansion. Or Eric Clapton’s old house. What about Jim Morrison’s old house? Even the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, home to the Academy Awards. Yes. The Oscars. Too bad you couldn’t fill it with all those celebs, huh!

Or, if you are among the rich and famous - or live like one at least - then you can add your house to Eventup’s roster of fabulous venues and earn a little extra cash while you’re away. I don’t know if there is any vetting that goes on. I imagine there must be lest someone who lives in a run-down studio apartment overlooking a sewage canal signs up. Then again, you never know. Also, as an owner of a venue, Eventup has insurance to cover you and yours.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, all the venues are in and around Los Angeles. So there’s that. But if you’re set on the City of Angels for your next bash, you gotta check out Eventup and see if you can party like a rock star, or at least a celebrity. I hear more cities will be added.

Here, take a look for yourself! This is the inside of the Sophia Villa with it’s 1/2 acre of garden grounds and perched upon 15′ castle walls high atop a Los Feliz hilltop. Bright, sunny and spacious, it overlooks a large emerald tiled pool - the very first photo up above. Oh, yeah. And it was featured in Entourage. There’s that. (Also the backdrop to Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Summer 2011 ad campaign photo shoot)

The Big Brother ‘set’ - not too shabby.

The inside of the Big Brother house. Or foyer, more precisely.

Aaaaaaand the Bachelor house - outside and inside.

Oh, and you might think that with all this carrying on I’m doing, I’ve gotten something for this write up…like a free party in a villa. I wish! Hello, Eventup. Umm, are you listening? Sadly, no. Nothing of the sort. I’m just wild about the possibilities - even if I’m probably never going to be enjoying this service. Unless of course YOU want to throw a bash and invite me?

photo credit: Eventup

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  • Ruby T.

    I thought that for sure the Big Brother house was a set, because they needed cameras in the walls and stuff to capture all the nastiness. :) I know the exterior for the Entourage house was real, but again I thought the rooms inside were sets as well. Cool to see they are real and rent-able places.

  • Pinchus Rose

    Something doesnt sit with me. If someone owns this house, and has enough money not to need this pithy income, why would they let party goers wreck the place up? Unless they are on foreclosure?

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    Wow, I have never heard about this! Jim Morrison’s old house? YES.


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