Pregnant and Unemployed

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The economy is not exactly friendly at the moment … especially for job seekers. But with the economy the way it is, having a family demographic that includes two working parents is not unusual.

But what if you’re pregnant and looking for a job? Then what?

You may be inclined to put off applying for a job or cracking into the job market because your little bundle of joy is on the way. But if the perfect opportunity presents itself, you shouldn’t let it pass you by just because you’re expecting. And while it may seem scary and nearly impossible, it’s not.

Here’s what you need to know before heading in to that interview for your dream job.

Study the company you want to work for. Make a great first impression by checking up on the company that you want to work for. Look into what they’ve done in the community, what products they are successful with and which ones fell flat, and what the management team and company culture looks like.

Don’t get personal. When you’re pregnant and interviewing, especially if you’re interviewed by other women, it’s easy for the conversation to turn to your pregnancy … even when no one means for it to go that way. But do your best to steer the conversation back to business and away from personal matters; you don’t want to appear unprofessional.

Openly discuss the future. Most potential employers aren’t worried about a pregnant woman’s ability to do the job; they’re actually worried about whether or not you’ll return after the baby is born. Be frank about your plans, assure your potential employer that you’ll be returning, and be sure to have a plan in place for managing your workflow while you’re away. A strong work ethic goes a long way.

Dress like you want the job. With all the adorable maternity clothes out there, you have no reason to show up for your interview in a frumpy frock. And if you’re used to being home in yoga pants and t-shirts, know there are plenty of website where you can rent uber-stylish maternity clothes for just a few days at a time; check out Rent Maternity Wear and Mine for Nine.

Have you interviewed for a job while pregnant? What was the result?

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