Pretty As a Picture: Girl’s Summer Dresses

by kate on April 23, 2021

Is it bad that I wish these new looks from Giggle would come in my size? I swear, I’d totally wear these adorable dresses for girls if I thought I could. My sister-in-law has a saying: “mutton dresses lamb” for this exact situation. When women (I won’t add ‘of a certain age’) try to dress too young they can look, how should I say, ridiculous.

Now, when I go shopping with her, she’ll come out of the dressing room and simply ask, mutton? With her British accent, it’s beyond endearing.

No mutton dresses lamb for me! Guess I’ll have to settle for dressing my two daughters in these adorable looks and remain a little more appropriate for a mother of 40. Wait, no, I don’t have 40 kids! I should say a 40 year old mother. But somehow that sounds worse. God, when did I turn 40?!?

Two Tie Surf Lily Dress

Kangin Stripe Playdress (by the way, wouldn’t you love to have a dress in your wardrobe you call your ‘play dress.’)

Sanur Floral Sporty Dress

Moon Orchid Trapeze Dress

A few of the dresses are made by Tea Collection, a wonderful line of clothing for kids. I warn you, though. Whatever you do, do NOT click through to Tea Collection’s girls or boys new arrivals page. Don’t do it. You will be quickly parted with your money.

It’s like they just reach into your wallet from the screen, pulling out your cash and depositing adorable clothes for your kids that will, I’m sure, quickly be outgrown. Urgh.


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