Scarves as Hooter Hiders

by Kate on April 16, 2021

On Easter morning a few weeks back, we got up and out the door in record time to make it to an Easter egg hunt organized at our local horse stables. Unfortunately, I shoulda checked the weather.

The light drizzle turned in to gale-force winds and pelting rain as we parked the car. Still, we trudged on and thought, maybe it will let up. I’m forever the optimist.

It didn’t. We were miserable. The wind, the rain, the mud, the umbrella (ineffective, if course). Man, can we complain!

So, instead of saying, “we will have fun, dammit!” we did the sensible thing and left. If I haven’t mentioned it before, our family mottos is: “if it get’s too hard, just give up”.

Off we went to a cozy restaurant to have brunch. Yum! But wait, I had my horse stable clothes on, not my nice restaurant clothes. This being a casual sort of town, no one even blinked. However, when it came time to breast feed, I was ill prepared to do anything sitting in the middle of a restaurant. When I dressed that morning I had thought I’d be out somewhere I could find a quiet little spot…

Luckily I was wearing a scarf. It’s always freezing here, no matter what time of year it is so I’m usually wearing a scarf of some sort. As I was fumbling around with my top trying to surreptitiously maneuver my boob into my wee one’s mouth, I pulled the scarf over the both of us and wouldn’t you know it…complete privacy. Of course people would know what we were doing, but no one could SEE anything.

I was planning on buying Hooter Hiders or some such thing, but now I don’t have to…a scarf can do the trick.

Hopefully some of you may find this as exciting as I did. Some of you may just say, “duh!”

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