Site Spotlight: ModCloth Vintage Inspired Fashion

by Nicole Hempeck on May 11, 2021

I believe I am evolving with my fashion sense because I am in love with ModCloth. It is a vintage inspired fashion and accessory site that began simply as a reseller of vintage finds. At this point, they’ve grown and they sell both authentic vintage clothing and also carry lines that are inspired by vintage looks.

And they are simply fantastic.

I love the girly feel, the clean lines and the overall refined look. What I also love is they keep in mind all body types. You will find petite through plus size models on their sites, making all women feel welcome and beautiful while shopping, and I love that.

So why Modcloth? Well, let’s get real, when it comes to fashion in the last ten years, there has been a decline. Jeans, tees with flip-flops (complete with muffin tops and plumbers) and don’t even get me start with the words JUICY written across velour bums! It’s been a sad state of fashion affairs folks.

But in the last few years, things have started looking up again. I’m seeing variety, and I’m seeing refined looks coming back into trend - Modcloth being a site that taps into that, which I love.

It’s not to say I think we should be walking around looking like we are the stepford wives, but as mothers, being put together is a good thing. Taking care of ourselves and finding a sense of personal style is a good thing. It makes us feel more confident within ourselves which then permeates all that we do - plain and simple. Good enough reason to shop for me!

I get that we’re busy moms. I get that spending days in stretchy yoga pants makes sense when we’re chasing after toddlers, but why not spruce up your look a bit every once and a while when you head out on that lunch playdate with other moms? Why not feel great when you’re sitting at your desk at work?

I realize it’s not for everyone, and if this isn’t your cup of tea, then it’s not your cup of tea. But, personally, I know that I like to feel and look my best when I’m trying to work amongst my peers. I like to get my head in the game and part of that is presenting my self in away that makes me feel like I’m at my best. BUT, I also don’t dig the drab, traditional suit. So, Modcloth has me inspired with their new nine to five line.

Add in some of their flirty finds for this summer as seen in the main image and I am smitten with this company. Truly smitten. I want to throw away the jeans and tees (Yes, I own and wear them all too often. I didn’t say I had not fallen prey to the drab mom look.) in favor of a fun dress on occasion.

Sure, maybe it will only be for date night or a girls afternoon out when I’m not with my kids - I get the logistics of being mom and unloading a stroller out of the minivan, but I’m not dead and neither is my fashion sense. So, Modcloth may just be my new splurge, because splurges are allowed.

What are your favorite clothing sites to find unique fashions? 

Images: Modcloth & Polyvore

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  • Pauline

    Thanks for the information on a great site. I love vintage clothes!

  • Kristen @ Busy Kids = Happy Mom

    Off to go check out the site! I’ve realized that I have no personal style - unless it’s for sale at Sams Club or Target!

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