Site Spotlight: The Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

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Recently, I wrote a post - The Quick and Dirty on Gluten Allergies and Celiac Disease. I wrote the post because recently several friends have adapted their diets to accommodate gluten-free for the sake of one of their children - each for their own personal reasons.

The difficult part about something that is relatively new like gluten-free diets and Celiac disease, or at least new to many, is finding a variety of foods to cook up for your family. So, I started looking around to find a site that would help those who were newly coping with this lifestyle (because I’m betting if you’ve been going down the gluten-free road a while now, you’ve found this gem of a site already). I had to share The Gluten-Free Girl with you.

Her site is so well done.

It’s organized in an easy to navigate format. She has gorgeous pictures to draw you in and allow for scanning to find a dish that appeals to your senses. Her gallery of food is to die for…

If you were saddened at the new challenges you were facing with this change in lifestyle, I think The Gluten-Free Girl will give you a morale boost just by clicking through her site. And if you’re working to try and feed a picky child who you just switched over to gluten-free to assist with Autism or ADHD symptoms, her recipes will fit the bill, too. What kid doesn’t like a good ol’ cookie bribe?

Add in her heartfelt about page, sharing her story of how she came to discover her Celiac disease and how drastically her health changed once she removed gluten from her diet, to sharing her love story with “the Chef” and I think you’ll enjoy her site as much as I did.

Take heart; you are not alone.


Source: Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

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  • JDaniel4′s Mom

    What a wonderful array of foods! This should be fun to explore.

  • Adventures In Babywearing

    Love her site- so beautifully done.