Spring Trend - Love it Or Hate it? Color Blocking

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The color blocking trend is here to stay. So the question is, can you make it work? For a person who usually sticks to neutrals out of comfort and safety, color blocking makes me nervous. But I stumbled upon a fabulous video by blogger Kitty Cotten who shares some great tips for making color blocking work, and I’m starting to feel optimistic about the trend.

Using a color wheel as a reference, she offers the following tips for Making Color Blocking Work

  • Understand the color families first - these are the colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. For example: red, orange and yellow sit together - so they are a family. Purple, pink and red are a color family as are the blue, turquoise and greenish color families.
  • One approach to color blocking when choosing colors is to choose colors that are neighbors on the color wheel to put together. For example, pink and purple, yellow and green, navy blue and kelly green.
  • Another approach is to go a bit bolder and choose colors that compliment each other like purple and red, orange and navy, or pink and orange.
  • Keep most accessory elements neutral, like the nude heels above.
  • Add a third color, through accessories, in a color across the color wheel. If you’re wearing blue and green you can pair it with an orange belt. Or, as seen in the outfit above, you have navy blue, a touch of turquoise from nearby on the color wheel with pink, which compliment each other, and gold from across the wheel.


With all this in mind, will you try the Color Blocking Trend this Spring? Have you already jumped in on this trend? What’s your favorite combination on the color wheel?


Source: Polyvore & color wheel

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  • http://www.jdaniel4smom.com JDaniel4′s Mom

    I am really short. I have to watch the size of the blocks of color I wear or I look even smaller.

  • http://a-bubblylife.blogspot.com/ laurel

    Love, love, color blocking and it is such a break form the drabness of Winter.