Stephen Joseph Hooded Towel for Summer

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And the living is easy
Fish are jumping
The cotton is high

OK, I’m from the South, can you tell? Every time I think about warm weather, I hear this song and I want to sway in the summer breeze.

This summer, we are headed to the beach! I can’t wait. Of course, we live in San Francisco, so technically there is a beach here, too, but it’s cold. Definitely not your typical beach experience.

So off we go to warmer climes. As a bon voyage ‘happy’ (as my mom calls random gifts for no reason), Stephen Joseph sent over a hooded butterfly towel and matching flip flops. Even though summer is technically not here yet, and our trip is more than a month away, we are getting ready!

The hooded towel - which works perfectly for bath time, too, y’all - is a fav. Already I’ve had to parcel out it’s usage. With one towel and 2 girls, well, you understand.

So, what we’ve had to do is this…one girl gets the towel, the other one has the shoes. This seems to work well. For now. Until one girl gets both.

The towel, the butterfly, has a hood and two little hand pockets. It sells for $25.99. My girls love to flap their wings wildly while their naked bodies streak up and down the halls. Certainly things will change come beach time, but for now it’s all fun and giggles when we do this.

I will say that the towel isn’t as fluffy as some towels can be. I don’t remember the thread count, but I’ve felt thicker, fluffier towels in my day. Of course, this doesn’t matter a hill of beans to the girls.

The flip flops are utterly adorbs - as the kids say. With little butterflies over the toes and such bright colors, how can they not be. They sell for $12.99. These, I can see, will be quickly worn to nubs from over-use.

I was going to wait until I had all of my summer beach goodies together to tell you about the these, but honestly, since they make a nightly appearance at our house I thought I’d just go ahead and sing their praises.

And, with celebs like Katie Holmes, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stefani, Brooke Burke and Denise Richards (just to name a few) as huge fans, you might just want to check these out.

Muchos gracias, Stephen Joseph!


photo credits: Stephen Joseph Gifts

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    We love little hooded towels! We have a frog and a monkey and they are huge hits w/ my boys.

  • Missy | Literal Mom

    I love hooded towels, especially for summer fun at the pool!