Stylish Stokke Stroller Complete with Seasonal Kits

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The Stokke company has a whole site filled with stylish, modern products for your baby - baby carriers, high chairs, nursery items and strollers. As I perused the site, sad that I no longer had an infant that would enjoy these items, I found my way to their gorgeous strollers with their fantastic kits to meet the needs for the season.

The above pictured is the Stokke Stroller Pink Pixel Summer Kit. It comes with the following:

  • Sunsail
  • Parasol
  • Hood with hood ventilation
  • Terrycloth seat cover
  • Rear textile cover
All of your sunny, rainy summer weather needs are covered with this kit and you’ll be stylish as you traipse around your favorite vacation spot.

The below Stokke Stroller Winter Kit comes with:

  • Storm Cover for ultimate weather protection
  • Handmuffs for the parent pushing the stroller (my favorite part!!)
  • Insulated hood
  • Sheepskin rim


The Stokke strollers are a sleek and stylish strollers perfect for a mom in the city or one who likes to stroll an outdoor, but paved area. The seasonal add-on accessory kits are a perfect addition to their basic stroller. If you had to choose one to invest in, I would choose the winter version if you’re living in the north regions and the summer version if you are fortunate enough to live in sunny Florida.


What’s your favorite stroller? 


Images: Stokke

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  • Lisa @ Two Bears Farm

    What a totally cute stroller! Course my favorite, being a runner, is my double bob. I couldn’t have survived without it!