Children’s books

The Streak: A Family Tradition of Reading

April 6, 2021

I read in the New York Times on Sunday this article about a father who read started a family tradition with his daughter when she was in the fourth grade: reading to her for 100 straight nights. That 100 turned in to 1000 when neither one of them wanted to give it up. That 1000 [...]

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The Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Book

March 26, 2021

Chronicle Books has added to their fun, interactive book series with this new book, The Little Giraffe. While I haven’t read this one yet (no time to get to the bookstore with my two babies and juggling nap time), we do have the Little Polar Bear, Little Cow and Little Rabbit. All adorable. This is [...]

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New Books For Baby

September 17, 2020

Two books on the new releases wall caught my eye: Art for Baby and Night, Night Little Pookie. Art For Baby is a collection if black and white images by top modern artists like Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami. The drawings have been selected to enhance baby’s awareness of the world around them. [...]

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Children's Book That Shouldn't Be Judged By Its Cover

September 14, 2020

My daughter loves all things puppy. At a friend’s house tonight I saw Yoshitomo Nara’s children’s book, The Lonesome Puppy, and thought, “wow, gotta get that!” Then I opened it up and read it. It’s just plain weird. I love Nara’s artwork, or at least I have in the past. Nara is one of the [...]

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A Little Book of Puppies

August 26, 2021

My mother-in-law was at the bookstore the other day buying a few new additions to my daughter’s library when she (read: her granddaughter) spotted this little book perfect for tiny hands. It’s called “A Little Book of Puppies” published by Ariel Books. As the title implies, it is indeed very small and filled with puppies…pictures [...]

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